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The 2014 Worlds Figure Skating: rescoring 2

Updated on December 6, 2015

Julia Lipnitskaia in 2014

Learn skating first, Lipnitskaia

You already know how I evaluate Lipnitskaia as a skater.

I have no malice but admiration for her. However, scoring has nothing to do with my personal sentiment. Fact is fact: her skating is a total failure.

All her jumps are marked -3 by me, and I will put a special note on my protocol saying Lipnitskaia's skating level is not qualified for senior competition.

I will give all +2 for her lovely spins even though I don't quite appreciate them except her flexibility, and I will be more lenient to other elements because I have to penalize her jumps and skating in general.

With average 6.0 in PCS which surpasses her PCS ceiling 5.5 set in my honest estimation, her short program will earn 55.

Why do you think Lipnitskaia shows deformed skating?

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jump is not a stand-alone element

Let's talk about why Lipnitskaia or other Russians mess around.

Physics on ice is different from Physics off ice. Figure skating jump spans over three phases: On ice, in the air, and back on ice. But perfecting a jump during the phases is not an easy task. Mastering physics on ice is hard, mastering physics in the air is often harder, and mastering the transition in between is the hardest.

In figure skating, jump is not a stand-alone element; it has to be incorporated into the moves on ice. In other words, a jump does not carry its value unless it is transformed into a figure skating jump.

That's a point.

Figure skating is a sport that once sought "compulsory" perfection in geometric forms that represents balance, harmony, continuity and integration.

In modern figure skating, the kind of perfection the sport seeks is no longer geometrical perfection; it's aesthetic perfection in free skating.

Therefore, all moves a skater make on ice have to produce such perfection. So, your jump, like other elements, must show aesthetic perfection in terms of balance, harmony, continuity and integration.

The key is how to seamlessly incorporates jump into the entire performance.

Julia Lipnitskaia in 2014

How do you score Lipnitskaia's free?

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Basics, basics, and basics

I must confess that I didn't finish watching her performance. I was devastated. No matter how I tried, I couldn't get it over with; it was too painful to watch.

I am touched by her efforts, but I can't lie. Her skating is not acceptable. Only after I have persuaded myself into a thought that her precociousness can be an interpretive merit, I was able to give her average 6.0 in PCS. My verdict for her free is 100.

How can she fix her skating? Quite honestly, I won't bet on it. Obviously, Julia has not been trained properly. The same goes to Liza Tuktamysheva.

A Good News for Russians

I am pleased to see her. Unlike Lipnitskaia, Pogorilaya is a skater who knows how to skate.

This newbie is the one you need to watch. She at 15 shows a completely different skating from Lipnitskaia or Radionova.

I immediately mark her as a hope for Russia.

Based on the clips above, I can place her between 6.0 and 6.5 in PCS, but it's a matter of time that she will shoot to 7.0 if she continues to progress. Although her jumps are at best 0 GOE which is, I think, a bit generous, I'm tempted to hand out +1 for her first jump even for the sake of didactic principle.

She definitely has a potential to grow.

Her edge is close to normal and her jump shows stability, good takeoff, good revolution, and air position. Her skating is still too premature to secure her any +GOE, but she is, like Edmunds, doing correctly.

I simply like this skater.

Pogorilaya is the one who can save Russians. Yes, she has a job to shake off her juniorishness. She will quickly progress if she trains hard. She is the real one; other Russians should have followed her example. Her short program was the best I have ever watched from Russian skaters so far.

With my compliment, Pogorilaya will earn 60.

Vote for your expertise

What in Pogoilaya's skating do you think most different from Lipnitskaia's?

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Anna Pogorilaya in 2014

Pogorilaya: a beacon of hope

Pogorilaya's jumps are not good enough for +GOE, but what pleases me is that she has everything under her sleeves to earn GOE, all prerequisite elements such as speed, edge, momentum, etc.

It's good for the sport to have her around in this dark age. I am looking forward to her growth and success. However, a few things bothers me.

It seems to me that her coaches have wrong ideas about performance. Throwing arms, kicking legs, and fussing around have little to do with artistic expression. For God's sake, they don't

Another misunderstanding I've noted is unhealthy faith on facial expression. Especially Lipnitskaia and Sotnikova tend to depend on that trick. That may be an easy way to heap up a massive horde of points from fraudulent judges.

The fact of the matter is that your body has to speak, not your face.

Anna's free program earns 110 with my heartfelt compliment.

How do you score Pogorilaya's free?

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