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2015 American League MVP Race: Miguel Cabrera leading the Way

Updated on April 14, 2015
Miguel Cabrera
Miguel Cabrera | Source

Well we are eight days thru the American League season and we have numerous players making their mark early this season. I have created a formula that I use to determine the MVP of the League. I do not include pitchers, I will not get into the argument about why I do this just know that I only rate everyday players.

This formula accounts for everything a player can do at the plate and on the base paths. Next to a players name you will see a point total this point total represents what I fell a players worth is for his club on any given day.

Miquel Cabrera
Adam Jones
Salvador Perez
Hanley Ramirez
Mark Canha
Kendrys Morales
Ian Kinsler
J.D. Martinez
Dustin Ackley
Lorenzo Cain
Top 10 American League MVP Candidates
Adam Jones
Adam Jones | Source

Without further delay here is the top five players so far this season for the American League.

#5 Mark Canha (Oakland) Canha is batting a cool .367 so far this season and has driven in seven runs while scoring seven runs himself. He has three doubles so far this season. His point total comes in at 3.889167

#4 Hanley Ramirez (Boston) Ramirez has shown some power with three home-runs already this season. He has driven in seven runs while crossing home plate five times himself. He is batting .296 on the young season to give him a point total right below the 4.0 mark at 3.996667.

#3 Salvador Perez (Kansas City) Perez comes into Tuesday's games with a .414 batting average. He has also shown he has power with three home-runs and nine RBIs. With six runs scored Perez comes in with a point total at 4.295714.

#2 Adam Jones (Baltimore) Mr. Jones has started out this year on fire with a .440 average and eight runs scored. He also has hit three homeruns and driven in nine runs. Jones comes in with a 4.457143 point total.

#1 Miguel Cabrera (Detroit) Cabrera is on top like old times. Check out these numbers: .517 Batting average, two home-runs, three doubles, nine RBIs and six runs scored. With all that Cabrera comes in at #1 with a point total of 4.583571.


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