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2015 Cup of China: Short programs

Updated on November 20, 2015

I like the way Asada performs here.

Asada is undoubtedly the greatest skater today. Here she shows the world why. Especially I like how relaxed she is throughout the program. Like a great master, she skated.

I like her music choice too. I never thought she would skate to this kind of music. But Asada appears to have matured during her long hiatus.

However, in technical aspect, Asada's performance is not a strong one. Especially her power, stamina and speed are compromised. Her bad habit on takeoff still holds her back. But overall, her expressiveness stands out, and she will be the name to beat unless the judges keeps pulling Russian fraud.

I think this performance is one of a few programs she did musically.Good job!

By the way her jumps are -2,-1 and 0. Her PCS is 8.25.

I like Hongo and her skating.

Every time I watch her skating, I am content with her training. As I said before, she is the only one who legitimately qualifies 7.0 average PCS.

Her jumps show good distance and speed, which is not found in her Russian peers. Yet her air position on jump, as she cuddle her shoulders in the air, is a serious problem. It goes same to Russian skaters.

Of course, Hongo is far better than Russians in handling jumps, but she still has a long way to go to master jumping technique. Her overall moves are also yet to be matured and polished.

Compared to her compatriot Asada, you can see immediately a big difference. She may not trail behind Asada in power and speed, but her skating is much inferior to Asada's. Hongo may edge out Asada in power and vibrant energy, but it will take long for Hongo to reach Asada.

One good thing is however that she does by the book.

Her jumps are -2,-1 and -1 and her PCS is 7.25.

Except her jump deficiency and her messy arms whirling in the middle of the program, is Anna the best girl in Russian skaters?

I wish I could say yes, but the truth is no.

It seems Anna's skating exists only a few seconds before she takes off on the first jump. During that precious time, Anna appears to be the best Russian skater. I wish all Russian skaters skate just like her.

But that's all she amounts to, obviously.

I am not saying this because she fell on the first jump combo. Even her landed jumps don't look in good quality. She doesn't show any flow or running edge or any good balance before and after jump. It may have to do with her first jump failure, but even then I doubt she handles jumps properly.

It's as if her skating converges only on one point when she is about to attempt the first jump combination.

Her jumps are -3,-1, and 0 Her PCS is 6.5.

Elena is my favorite Russian skater. And I know she is in progress, however marginal it seems. She handles better her body than before, and I am very optimistic about her rapid growth.

But her skating still remains in junior level as yet. The difference between Elena and Hongo is quite clear.

Elena is not adequately controlling her momentum due to lack of strength. This is typical with junior skaters, whose bodily strength is easily overwhelmed by the force their moves generate.

Your members must be in line with momentum each time you move in order to keep you from suffering disruption, or you end up with jerking, pulling and pushing. You will lose connectivity and integration.

Elena's jumps are -3(no combo), -3, and single. The first jump is -2 by default but her cuddling position earns her extra -1. Her PCS is 6.75.

It's so good to see Mao Asada here after all those years she made her name in rivalry with Yuna Kim.

It's so refreshing and eye-pleasing to have her back, now that the ISU's Russian fraud completely is ravaging the sport.

I hope she stays long so that we don't have to suffer institutional lies any more.

Congratulations, Asada!

Who do you think is the real winner of short program?

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