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The 2015 European Championships: Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Elena Radionova, and Anna Pogorilaya

Updated on March 29, 2015

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva in 2015


Liza is Liza as I have been talking.

One good thing about Liza may be that her skating is not like too junior looking that is characterized by inability of shifting weight in continuous momentum.

Skaters need to learn how to handle their weight to incorporate into their skating moves.

Liza appears capable of handling her weight without fractured moves unlike other Russian skaters, but she still appears of an in between level of junior and senior.

It's because , while so doing, Liza has given up too many: bodily moves, edge control, momentum and jump flow in her skating. Her deficiency mostly stems from lack of basic. What determines figure skater's level is not whether or not land jumps without fall but how to manage your bodily moves on ice.

To control your body on ice as you should, your bodily freedom on ice cannot be obtained without mastering edge control.

To make it simple, a skater like Liza can't do anything related to line and extensions, because her bodily freedom on ice is too low.

In her free program, Liza's jumps are: 0, 0,-1,0,-1,-1, and -1. I think I am a bit generous for her GOE.

Her TES is 58 while PCS is 50, which gives her 108 in total.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva in 2015

However, Liza's first jump is well done. The speed of revolution seems good, but Liza's jumps are characteristically still born.

Liza's half-done skating is a kind of technical short-cut. There are various ways of getting around the difficulty of figure skating jump, that is, cheating. Under rotation is one of examples.

Many skaters develop various habits habits to get around the difficulty. Long preparation is one of them too. Even top skaters often show their habitual defects in their jump technique.

If you look at Liza's jump, you already notice something in hers different from others'. Her jump appears to have clean landing, yet it feels like being chopped.

Liza successfully converts the speed into height and revolution.Good for her! What Liza fails is however connection.

For example, Mao Asada's lutz' free leg is a wrong way of jumping. In Liza's case Liza can't afford to mount momentum on jump because her edge skills and physiological imbalance.

That's why all Liza's moves are done in "standing."

Liza is incapable of handling her body adequately with deep edge, because her early training was apparently invested in how to jump and land without context before and after.

Though her physiological disadvantage may aggravate the situation, the void of Liza's skating is not something that can be concealed.

In the short program, Liza's jumps are 0, -1 and -1, and she earns 28 in TES and 24 in PCS, which gives her 52 in total.

Elena Radionova in 2015

Elena is my favorite Russian skater now.

Her skating is problematic but I like this girl. She is just a lovely girl with a good skating attitude.

I wish she grow more fitting to her skating. Right now her tiny body is not capable of handling impact on ice, and she is not physiologically balanced.

Her jumps are all categorically subject to -2.

If I ratify Liza's slow and still born jump because she didn't fall, that will be an error. I think, at the same time, Liza may feel injustice; after all she neither fell nor did her jump show a big gash like Elena's with horrible air-position and jagged flow.

Both jump techniques are seriously flawed, but in this competition, I have found Liza's deficiency at bit less, so I give -1 to Liza's.

In Elena's short program, her jumps are -2,-2 and -1, and she earns 29 in TES and 26 in PCS, which gives her 55 in total.

Elena Radionova in 2015

Elena's jumps are following: -1,-1,-2,-2,-2,-2 and -2.

I've decided to be lenient to Elena's first two jumps in consideration of her competitors.

Her TES is 55 while her PCS is 53, which gives her 108 in total.

Anna Pogorilaya in 2015

Anna Pogorilaya in 2015

The first moment Anna moves on ice, you will realize how she is different from Elena or even Liza. Her moves are neither jagged like Elena nor awkwardly stiff and erected and choppy like Liza.

But still Anna's program is messy. I am not talking about jump here.

Anyway Anna is the only skater whose skating is normal among Russian skaters today.

For example, as shown in Anna's first jump, her approaching speed to jump, edge and air-position are all superior to Liza's with an alignment with momentum, but I must penalize her second landing. I will give her -1 to be accurate.

Think, if I give Liza's first jump ratification, then it's like saying Liza's is better than Anna's. Really?

That's why -1 for Liza's first jump combo is correct in this competition. Not falling on jump have become a credit for Liza, but Anna's -1 jump combo is, in fact, much superior to Liza's.

Therefore that difference will be reflected in the PCS.

Anna's jumps in short program are: 0,-1 and -1. Her short program earns 28 in TES and 28 in PCS, which gives her 56 in total.

Meanwhile, in her free program, Anna's jumps are: -1,-1,-3,-3,-1,-1 and -1.

Her TES is 53 with 56 in the PCS, which gives her 109 in total. Therefore, the real winner of the 2015 European Championships is Anna Pogorilaya.

Who do you think is the winner of the 2015 European Championships?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      You might want to call Mishin, Liza's coach, to teach him how to teach jumps.

      He is widely regarded as the greatest jump instructor of all time, having produced the entire Russian men's dynasty - but hey, you must know more about jumps than him.


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