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2015 NFL Season Playoff Predictions--Playoff Match-ups and Super Bowl Pick--Divisional Round

Updated on January 19, 2016

Where I stand

My final predictions for this season was that the Steelers would defeat the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl. That prediction is offically destroyed. I will stick a fork in this season. No excuses from me. The Steelers are offically eliminated. They lost to a better team. Yes the Steelers were beaten up and bruised but that's no excuse. I don't feel so bad about picking them to win the Super Bowl. I do feel bad for picking the Cowboys to be their opponent. I thought after their stellar 2014, the Cowboys, Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett figured it out. They had the talent to make it. Even with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant's injuries. They were in a weak division and with a little creativity from Garrett could have gotten in the playoffs. They could have made it with a healthy Romo and Dez at the right time. That ship sailed and to quote Dennis Green "They are who we thought they were."

The Broncos proved to everyone that they are more than just Peyton Manning. They have done it all season. Peyton is grabbing all the headlines but it should be John Elway, Gary Kubiak and the defensive players ( in no particular order) grabbing the spotlight. They were one if not the best team in the AFC all season. They may not have looked like it. They won ugly but they were one of the top teams all season. The Patriots are the Patriots. I didn't think they would be here only because I thought they lost a lot on their defense. Especially in their secondary. They actually didn't lose much and Tom Brady just continues to prove why he's the best ever. I thought it would be hard for this team to repeat but they are at the door steps.

The Panthers continue their amazing run into the NFC Championship game to face another surprise the Arizonia Cardinals. They were the two best teams in this conference all year and its great that they made it to this point. They are no longer surprises at this point. When I say that, I'm basing it on preseason expectations. I thought they would both make the playoffs. I just didn't know or think they'd be the best teams in the NFC and play for the conference championship. The Panthers are like the Broncos, they win ugly. Cam Newton just keeps continuing to prove why he's a MVP canidate. He wills this team to wins. I think the Cardinals may have one of the best coaches in the league with Bruce Arians. He's creative, gutsy and inspiring and his team rallies around his leadership.

The Patriots continue their playoff dominance with a win over the Chiefs

The Patriots just do what they do in the playoffs, win. The Patriots have Tom Brady and everyone else doesn't. The Chiefs had a shot at winning this game, but their limitations finally got the best of them. Alex Smith is a good starting QB, but he can't stretch the field. I don't know if they can move forward with him as the starter. It was painful at times watching him try to get the ball downfield. They really need to look for a young QB that Andy Reid can groom. Alex Smith can get them to the playoffs, but I don't think he can lead them to a championship.

Final Score: Patriots 27-Chiefs 20

Brady leaps to victory

Tom Brady will do whatever it takes to win again.  He's the best.
Tom Brady will do whatever it takes to win again. He's the best.

The Broncos get an ugly win over the Steelers to advance to the AFC Title game

The Broncos just keep winning ugly. They may do it all the way to the Super Bowl. I think Peyton Manning is getting way too much credit for this win. The defense has carried this team all year. This defense is playing so well that they just need Peyton to take care of the ball. The Steelers were my Super Bowl pick. They are done and so are my hubs for the season. They fought hard all year, but they just ran into a better team.

Final Score: Broncos 23-Steelers 17

I picked the Steelers because I thought they had the talent to run the table.

Toussaint's fumble was costly for Pittsburgh

The game changing play.  The Broncos defense has been the teams MVP all year long.
The game changing play. The Broncos defense has been the teams MVP all year long.

The Cardinals win a thriller in OT

This was easily the best game of the weekend. The 2nd half was amazing. There was a lot of back and forth. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are the best at the Hail Mary Pass. I can't remember when a team has pulled it off multiple times in a season. It wasn't enough to save a season that started with so much promise. Carson Palmer struggled in the 2nd half with turnovers. He stepped up when it counted in OT. Palmer spun out of a sack and hit a wide open Larry Fitzgerald, who sprinted 75 yards hurling and shaking defenders down to the 5 yard line. Fitzgerald got rewarded by catching a 5 yd shuttle pass from Palmer to win the game. Fitzgerald had a huge game with 8 catches for 176 yards.

Final Score: Cardinals 26-Packers 20

The Panthers ambush the Seahawks and hold of their furious rally to go to the NFC Title game

The Panthers jumped all over the Seahawks 31-0 and then slowly let them back into the game. The Panthers did everything right in the 1st half and everything wrong in the 2nd. The good news is they scored enough to win the game. The Seahawks had a disturbing game and season. They seem to think they can turn it on whenever they need to. It caught up to them in the playoffs. They got by the Vikings with a miracle. There was no miracle this time and now they are done. I thought they would make it to the Conference Title game. They will be a tough team for years to come, but this season was a waste.

Final Scores: Panthers 31-Seahawks 24

I picked the Seahawks to make to the NFC Title game.

Luke Kuechly puts the Panthers up 14-0 early

Luke Keuchly and the Panthers set the tone early by matching the offenses quick score.
Luke Keuchly and the Panthers set the tone early by matching the offenses quick score.

Final Wrap Up

The season is not over yet but for me, it's time to end this. My Super Bowl picks are officially eliminated. I will say that I had all 4 of the teams in the Conference Title games in the playoffs. I even said that the Panthers and Cardinals would play each other. I only had them playing in the Wild Card Round. I had the Panthers winning and I think they will. It will be a good game.

I finished the Season at 143-113 with my weekly predictions. I picked all the games before the season. That's not too bad. I finished behind everyone at ESPN, but they did their picks week to week. Wimps. Which I'm proud I only fished 20 games behind their leader. Think about it. I picked all my games with a blank slate. They got to look at week to week match ups. I hit on 8 of the 12 teams that made the playoffs. That's awesome. I don't feel bad about the ones I missed. No one had the Redskins and Texans in. A few outlets had the Vikings and Chiefs making the playoffs. Still, they are all more surprises than locks. I feel bad about missing on my Super Bowl pick. It was a fun ride. It's time to close this chapter. Thanks for reading. I enjoyed the process. I don't know if I'll do it again. It will be fun to sit back and enjoy the playoffs. This is the 1st time in a really long time the best 4 teams all made it to the Conference Championships.


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