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2015 NFL Season Playoff Predictions--Playoff Matchups and Super Bowl Pick--Wild Card Round

Updated on January 19, 2016

Where I stand

The Steelers, Seahawks and Packers all advance to the divisional round of the playoffs. I had them making it that far before the season. Not too bad. The Steelers made it exactly how I thought they would. The Seahawks and Packers had to win to get there. I thought they would have had byes.

The Broncos, Panthers are waiting in the divisional round. I had the Broncos getting there with a bye which they did and I had the Panthers making it there by winning in the Wild Card round. It's not how they get there, but the fact I had them there. I'll take that.

I predicted the Broncos, Steelers matchup so that's pretty cool. Small victories folks.

The Chiefs hammer the Texans for their 11th straight win

Very few people before the season picked the Chiefs and Texans to make the playoffs. I know I didn't. I had the Chiefs going 9-7 and missing the playoffs. I had the Texans going 9-7 and missing the playoffs as well. I nailed the Texans regular season record exactly. Just didn't think it would be enough to win their division. This game highlight two coaches that did a terrific job this year. Andy Reid brought his team back from the dead. They were 1-5 and haven't stopped winning since. It's been an amazing run and maybe one of Andy Reid's finest coaching jobs. He kept that rolling with an easy win over Houston. They have a tough task against the Patriots next week, but no one should count this team out.

Bill O'Brien did a fine job coaching this team all year. He played 4 different QB's to help this team get into the playoffs. For some reason he had a brain freeze in this game and refused to pull a struggling Brian Hoyer. This game was still winnable until late in the 3rd quarter. Hoyer kept digging holes for this team. That interception on the goal line was unforgivable. I don't understand why they didn't pull him. I still to this day don't understand why people like Hoyer so much. He's been nothing more than a backup QB. Yes, he's won games for this team, but the way they bench and start QB's, he was allowed to go out and stink it up over and over. That's where I think Bill O'Brien out coached himself. He could have possibly won this game with an early benching of Hoyer. I know the outcome may not have changed, but at least they would have a fighting try at winning this game. They can't come back with this guy as their starter next year. They probably will because O'Brien was stubborn for not pulling him. He must still believe in his mind that Hoyer is his guy.

Final Score: Chiefs 30-Texans 0

I picked all of my games before season and that includes post season games. Just wanted to see how it unfolded. I had no stock in this game. I thought the Chargers and Colts would be playing in this game so I was way off.

Over before it started

Knile Davis takes the opening kickoff back 106 yards for a TD.  The Chiefs never looked back at this point.  Well Knile did during this run.
Knile Davis takes the opening kickoff back 106 yards for a TD. The Chiefs never looked back at this point. Well Knile did during this run.

The Steelers win ugly with the help of some costly Bengals penalities

I picked the Steelers to win the Super Bowl. I thought they would be the most dangerous team before the season if they got in. They just have experience across the board. So far I predicted their season to the tee. I said they would be 10-6 and a 6th seed Wild Card team. Check and check. I said they would win their Wild Card playoff game over the 3 seed. Another check. I just thought that 3 seed would be the Patriots. Missed on that one. This game was ugly in so many ways, but mostly with chippiness and fighting. I had the Bengals predicted pretty close as well. I said they would win the AFC North Division. Check. I thought they would be 11-5 and be a 2 seed. They were 12-4 and a 3 seed. Oh, so close. I said they would lose their playoff game. Check and mate. This one has to sting because they had this game won. The Bengals melted down and let their emotions get the best of them. There is no other way to put it. Vontaze Burfuct played a great game up until the last few minutes. His stupidity on that hit on Antonio Brown was unforgivable. You can't do that at that moment. You can't. Then throw in Pacman Jones being Pacman and adding on the stupidity. It's just unreal. They stole a great moment away from those fans and that city, but lets be honest, their fans were very classless during that game. Cheering injuries to the opposing team, come on. We all remember Sam Wyche grabbing the mic during that game calling out their behavior. Good call back by Mick97 during the game. It was an odd game. It was a rivalry game, but it became something really ugly. Both sides were at fault and there was bad behavior on both sides. The Bengals let it carry on at the worst possible time.

Final Score: Steelers 18-Bengals 16

I picked the Steelers to win this game before the season, I just didn't think it would be against the Bengals.

The Bengals couldn't catch a break

Martavis Bryant makes possibly the best catch of all time.  The degree of difficulty alone makes it stand out.  Plus he stuck the landing.
Martavis Bryant makes possibly the best catch of all time. The degree of difficulty alone makes it stand out. Plus he stuck the landing.

AFC Playoff Predictions

AFC Playoff Team Predictions
AFC Playoff Team
Nailed it and had them as a 1 seed.
I had them winning division and being a 2 seed they acutally finished as 3 seed. Not bad
I had them winning divison and being 3 seed. They are a 2 seed.
I missed on this one. Couldn't have seen Andrew Luck's injury coming. However I nailed the Texans record. Small victories
Missed badly on this one. Chargers underachieve again and the Chiefs are a great story this season
So far nailed this pick 100%. I said they would be a 10-6 and a 6th seed.
I got 4 out of the 6 teams right. I didn't have any surprise picks in this bunch but I do take pride in nailing the Steelers exactly

The Seahawks win in a heartbreaker for Vikings fans in Minnesota

The Seahawks get a ugly win to advance in the playoffs. There is a reason why this team is so good. They handle adversity better than any team. They also just manage to dodge bullets. They win with skill and luck. Russell Wilson recovers a botched snap and completes a huge pass play that leads to a score. The team was down 9-0 and Wilson didn't panic he recovered the fumble made a few moves and completed the pass. Pure skill. The Seahawks take the lead and the Vikings drive down for a chip shot field goal to win the game. Vikings kicker Blair Walsh misses an easy kick. Pure luck, for the Seahawks that is. For the Vikings it's a tough pill to swallow after a good season. They won the the NFC North but this one will haunt them for years to come. The Vikings exceeded my expectations for this year. I had them at 8-8.

Final Score: Seahawks 12-Vikings 10

I picked the Seahawks because I had them making it into the NFC Championship before the season. That is still alive and kicking.

Tough pill to swallow for Vikings fans

Blair Walsh kicked the Vikings out of the playoffs.
Blair Walsh kicked the Vikings out of the playoffs.

The Packers rout the Redskins on their to advancing in the playoffs

The Redskins overachieved this season. The Packers underachieved. The two met and the better team prevailed. The Redskins got an early lead, but the experience and talent of the Packers came to light. The Redskins couldn't recover because they just aren't good enough. Kirk Cousins had a great season. He is the guy in Washington right now, but he should be wary because it was RG3 4 years ago. He'll be gone next season and if this team struggles there will be no one to point the figure at anymore. Redskins need more talent around Cousins. He's not Aaron Rodgers. He can't make plays off script. That's not to say he can't lead this team to the Super Bowl. He's just not a special talent.

Rodgers showed you why you never give up on him. All week long there was so much talk about Kirk Cousins and people forgot about Rodgers. Rodgers stepped up when this game looked in doubt and delivered. Cousins has a ways to go before you can mention the two in the same breath. The Packers move on to the divisional round where I thought they would be. The Redskins impressed me this season. Kirk Cousins impressed me. It will be interesting to see if they are the real deal or another one year wonder.

Final Score: Packers 35-Redskins 18

I picked the Packers to make it to the divisional round. I didn't expect them to have to play a Wild Card game. I'll still take the credit for them making it there.

The Better team won

Kirk Cousins magical season comes to end at the hands of the Packers.  For all of Cousins record breaking team sacks, he never beat a team with a winning record.
Kirk Cousins magical season comes to end at the hands of the Packers. For all of Cousins record breaking team sacks, he never beat a team with a winning record.

NFC Playoff Predictions

NFC Playoff Team Predictions
NFC Playoff Team
I had them in the playoffs only winning their division and at a 1 seed. They made it in as a 6th seed Wild Card team
I had them in as a 2 seed division winner. They made it as a 5th seed Wild Card. I had them in the divisional round and they made it so I'll take it.
I thought the Cowboys would win the NFC East and be a 3 seed. I didn't expect Tony Romo injury and the rise of Kirk Cousins.
I thought the Panthers would win the NFC South and they did. I just thought they would be a 4 seed not a 1 seed.
I thought the Cardinals would make it as a 5th seed Wild Card. They won the NFC West and finished a 2 seed.
I thought the Lions turned a corner last season but they fell back to earth. I thought the Vikings would just be average at 8-8.
I got 4 of the 6 teams right. The Cowboys burned me because I had them making it to the Super Bowl and losing. I fell for the Lions trap. The Vikings and Redskins were surprises to me. Now we'll have to see if it's a one year fluke or are they fo


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    • Randal Bruce profile image

      Randal Bruce 2 years ago from Charlottesville, VA

      Thanks. I don't get it either. That last hit was so obvious. The earlier hit was a bang bang play. Man the laces out thing is stupid..because of how close the kick was. You are so right. That movie is the only reason why anyone knows laces out. How bout we blame the guy that was paid to make kicks. It was 27 yards not 50 plus. He should live with that shame.

    • Mick97 profile image

      Mick97 2 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      I got mentioned! Oh yeah!! Thanks Randal. Well done predictions actually for the playoffs.

      I still cant get over how people say the one earlier hit equaled the hit on Brown in that Steelers/Bengals game. Its so ludicrous. And people went after the Vikes holder for having the laces out. The whole ball could have been made of laces and that kick should have been made. Don't base your football knowledge on Ace Ventura.