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2015 Rostelecom Cup: short programs

Updated on November 21, 2015

It appears the competition is set between Hongo and Edmunds.

As you see, Hongo is the best among the ladies in competition. unlike Russian skaters, she knows how to ride on the momentum, and convert it to the fuel for continuity and connectivity.

That's why her skating looks powerful and fast compared to others. Her jumps are -1, 0, and -1. Her first jump combo may be underrotated; otherwise it could have qualified for +1. But even then, you can tell its quality is far superior to others'.

This is how the judges turn things upside down.

Hongo's PCS is 7.5.

Polina's skating is characteristically opposite to Hongo. I think the two make good rivals.

While Hongo tends to rely on speed and power, Edmunds on accuracy and expressiveness. Both are legitimately qualified for 7.0 PCS, and free from wrong training unlike Russian skaters. Overall, Edmunds is a step ahead due to her sophistication.

But the difference is marginal.

Here Eumunds shows her jumping technique is the best. Her jumps are 0,0 and +1. Her PCS is 7.5.

Unfortunately Evgenia is another case of the ISU's fraud.

Her skating is a typical junior skating. I appreciate her delicacy in expressiveness, but she is unable to ride on the momentum like her compatriots.

It is laughable to see how judges dump +GOE onto jumps with terrible quality simply because they are Russians. It's the institutional agenda that still openly mocks this sport.

Her jumps are -3,0, and -1. Her PCS is 6.5.

I am pleased to see this gem.

Alaine is another skater who qualifies for 7.0 PCS. Although her jumps qualities are still much desired, I am hoping that she will grow to be a great skater.

Her jumps are -1,-1 and -2. Her PCS is 7.0.

In fact I am glad to see her back.

Adelina was once my Russian pet. I had a high hope for her, of course before Sochi Olympics. But that scandalous Olympics seems to have ruined her career.

I hope she rekindle passion in skating.

Here, obviously Adelina lacks of training. Her default PCS was about 7.0 at the Olympics, and ever since she hasn't grown at all.

For a 7.0 skater, Adelina wasn't particularly good at body control. It's very hard for her to break 7.5 PCS even at her best.

Winning an Olympic gold is something all athletes are dying for, but I don't think it served Adelina good, especially as a figure skater, because it's based on lie and fraud.

What is more tragic about it is that it's not Adelina's fault. She did her best, just as any athlete would. So, she is also another victim of the ISU judges' crime.

Her jumps are -1,-1 and -2. Her PCS is 7.0.

My dear Elena.

Whenever I see her skating, my heart aches. She is such a darling and has a great potential to grow much better. But as of now, Elena has huge hurdles to overcome.

Elena may not know why she has won thanks to the ISU judges, but I hope she is smarter than the judges. Be a real figure skater, Elena.

In this performance, I see Elena making efforts to fix her cuddling on jump. I applaud her for that. Good girl! But 7.0 PCS or higher requires control of momentum on the ice.

Elena isn't yet there.

Her jumps are -1,-1 and 0. Her PCS is 6.9 - I really wanted to to give her 7.0 PCS just for the sake of appreciating her efforts to get rid of her bad habit on jump.

Who do you think is the real winner of 2015 Ros telecom short competition?

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