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2015 Russian Open

Updated on November 10, 2015

Liza never changed.

It is her personal tragedy as a skater to be surrounded by people, the so called figure skating coaches who are, in fact, nothing but chauvinistic liars whose integrity has been prostituted for fabricated glory.

The only merit in her skating appears to be jump, as her coach never missed opportunities to brag about it. But Liza's jumps are closer to hopping. The only time Liza is somehow capable of managing some quality of jump is when she attempts triple axels.

But even then, her jumps are focused on landing itself. Most of her elements remain in junior level. Power, speed, edge, and what not are all insufficient for a senior skater. Especially her way of balancing posture before takeoff is such an eyesore.

Her skating appears permanently fixed standing, unable to produce bodily moves. All are pretensions and faked imitations to dramatize jumps, those petty and coarse jumps.

Liza's PCS is 6.75.

I also find Elena rather impressive.

Though her progress seems petty, yet you can see how she moves less jagged. That means she is slowly but surely moving toward senior level.

Of course, her jumps haven't improved much; she seems retaining most of her habits. But compared to her skating in the past, you know how she has improved. This painfully points how the ISU defrauded the whole world with fake GOE and PCS.

Elena still significantly lacks of power and edge, and her bodily control still need much work. Her PCS is 6.5.

If you followed my articles, you would know that I've happened to have a new Russian pet. Right. As I said last time, my attitude toward Julia has changed.

I had always said that Julia was done for as a skater, and her skating was nothing but an accessory to institutional fraud and lie. Those who advocated her skating was an utter shame to the sport and its integrity.

But the last time I checked, Julia was changing. Yes, this little girl seemed to realize what the figure skating is and tried what she had never done in her life. And I praised her for that.

I sighed at the time saying, "My Lord! Julia wanted to skate! This girl really wanted to skate!"

Yes, I applauded her courage. Now this girl has come back totally changed. Of course she has a long way to go, but she is on right track. You go, girl!

Now the reality is a sobering one, however. Julia's jump technique was so corrupted in fact. It appears that it once worked only on her junior body. That is, Julia landed them somehow no matter how terrible they might be.

Yea, I am referring to those jumps on which the ISU judges dumped bogus GOE and PCS, but now as you see, her jumps now stand in her way; they seem quite odds with her vastly improved bodily moves.

It seems PCS 7.0 will be the unbreakable point for most Russian skaters.

I feel ambivalent about Anna.

This girl is arguably the most talented one, but at the same time she is the roughest one among her peers.

If you compare Anna with Elena or Julia, you will notice immediately all her moves are inferior to theirs. Anna should learn how to use her arms and legs from Elena and Julia.

However Anna is relatively solid in technical elements such as power, speed, and edge, but she appears too clumsy to earn all the otherwise due credits to her moves .

Her PCS is 6.5.

I never watched her skating before. I think I heard of her name sometime ago.

Anyway, I hoped she surprise me, but it turns out quite contrary. Well, it's too painful to keep watching it, to be honest.

This is a typical junior skating. Let us keep our fingers crossed that she grows a good skater.

Her PCS is 6.0.

Who as a skater do you think will grow better than the others?

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