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2015 Skate Canada: Free Programs

Updated on November 10, 2015

In the 2015 Skate Canada, Ashley Wagner came out victorious. That's nothing surprising though. Ashley Wagner is the best skater in the world today.

Today, the so called Russian fraud is still raging high in the ISU and its illegitimate winners are celebrated by shameless judges and their institutional lies. Amidst the ongoing fraud by the ISU, Ashley Wagner is perhaps the only legitimate winner in the ISU events these days.

Though Ashley pulled off a decent outing here, I am not impressed by it. But it is undeniable that she won the game by mile.

Ashley's problem is the low height of her jumps. Although her flaws are minor compared to her competitors, especially those Russian skaters -- whose skating appears complete void of base, quality, accuracy, etc. --- her jump deficiency has held her back, and gives the ISU judges a cause to mark her down.

Though Ashley is the best skater, her jump deficiency still bothers me.

Her jumps are -1,0,-1,-1,-2,0, and -1. And a few of jumps are underrotated. Except that, her performance is good enough to give her the average 8.0 in PCS.

Her power, speed and body moves are good enough to make her stand out among all her peers. Good job.

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Liza's skating was here what Liza is all about. The skater who has never learned skating properly. But here Liza appears to have a good speed for a few moments.

The commentator couldn't be more pathetic, babbling about rotation when Liza stepped out of the first jump. He might as well say how perfectly Osmond skated before she fell all over. Well, in fact, for that matter Osmond is the one whom he should praise.

But for Liza, she has nothing but a strange deformity. It seems only a second or two during which time Liza threw a jump combo in the middle of program that she showed an adequate speed. That's all about her skating.

Her jumps are -3,-1,-1, +1, -2,-2, -1. Her PCS will be 6.75.

Liza's skating is a hunchback skating. Permanently deformed in a standing posture. All she can do is wheeling arms while she hung her both arms like astronaut. It's a shame to see such an ugly skating as something institutionally sanctioned.

In this crazy era we have another victim. It is Polina Edmunds.

Even if you are not an old fan of figure skating, you can tell that Edmunds is far superior to those Russian skaters. But the ISU judges have never given the due points to Edmunds.

While Liza or Elena or any Russian for that matter gets away with what makes them like dragging metal junks, Edmunds are maliciously put down. It is a system in which people are forced to swallow all the rubbish made in ISU.

Her jumps are 0,-1,-2,-3,-1,-2, and -1. Her PCS is 7.0. Polina lacks of power and maturity here. Some of her jumps may be underrotated too. But her skating is at least not a fake skating like Liza's.

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I am very pleased to see her. Yuka Nagai is an example for proper training. Although she lacks of maturity and body control, all her basics appear solid and healthy. Her speed and power are adequate for a senior skater.

She, unlike Russian skaters, learned skating properly. Her jumps are +1, -3, void, -1, -3,0 and 0. Her PCS is 7.25 with my compliment.

I hope we have more Yuka Nagai so that we don't have to suffer deformed skating any more.


Kaetlyn reminds me of Kostner. Well, she endures all her falls. Goodness gracious!

But she shows how a skater should skate. Except her falls, that's how you should skate. Speed, power and body moves are all there. Pity that she isn't yet able to land jumps.

Her jumps are -3,-3,-3,-3,-3,-3 and 0. Her PCS is 6.75. At this point, you may ask me her default PCS. If she landed jumps with moderate quality, her default PCS could have been 8.0 -7.75.

Who do you think is the real winner of free competition?

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