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2015 Skate America: Evgenia Medvedeva is not the winner

Updated on November 11, 2015

Some time ago I happened to watch Evgenia performing when she was still in the junior competition. I wasn't impressed then. Here she isn't far from what I remembered.

It's so incredible that people still take all the rubbish the ISU and its subjects are selling. Her skating is unacceptable to senior level. Although Evgenia may be a bit better than Julia overall, her skating is full of junior garbage.

There is no continuity, integration, and control in her moves. Her moves are fractured as she laboriously pushes. Her efforts especially in air position appear too glaring. Overall, she is in between Julia to Elena.

Evgenia shows better moves than Julia at her age overall, but she is perhaps less dynamic than Elena. Of course she is less jagged than Elena, nevertheless.

Her jumps are -1,-2,-1,-2,-3,-2, and -2, which is generously marked for her age. Her PCS can't go over 6.5 in average.

Evgenia Medvedeva is not real winner of the 2015 Skate America.

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I love her power and speed. Her edge appears okay, but her jump proficiency, especially landing, appears rough.

Gracie didn't fall. And that is commendable. But her landing never shows any smooth connection to her subsequent moves. Overall, her performance isn't bad, but still it could have been much better, if she afforded to do something about expressiveness or polishing.

Gracie appears uptight throughout the program. She might have been preoccupied with fear of falling. But my advice is, remember that your job is to express music with your skating.

But it's easier said than done, of course. A fall on the ice means nothing but devastation, as Kaetlyn showed in Skate Canada.

Her jumps are +1,-1,0,-1,-2,-1, and double. Her PCS is 7.5.

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Now I love Julia's skating. Yes, that's what a senior skater should skate at least. Her speed and overall body controls are astoundingly improved from her early age.

Bravo!. Of course, I don't close my eyes at her defects. Although Julia improved greatly, her year-long wrong training left incorrigible defects in her skating still. Julia couldn't make seamless takeoff in a sweep. Her edge appears still too shallow, and in this competition she didn't show enough contents.

Her final spin deserves + GOE.

But her jumps are -2, void,0, -3,-2,-2 and -1, and her PCS is 6.75 accurately speaking. She hasn't yet reached 7.0, but I wouldn't object if judges give her 7.0 PCS average.

Good job, Julia!

Satoko is a skater who puts senior competition to test. Does her skating satisfy what senior skating level requires?

Well, it's hard to say. Apparently, the ISU has no problem busy with Russian deformity. But let's be honest. Among her competitors, she is the best in expressiveness.

That's not a mystery though if you look at her height. Physiologically she enjoys much advantage by simply being such small a figure. That's not her fault.

However, in GOE, her jumps are not qualified for GOE. The main quality GOE has to focus on must be technical strength such height, power, speed, etc., given that the rest factors are all in place.

Moreover her power is significantly compromised compared to her peers. Her edge is also compromised. Your being short doesn't mean that you are not qualified for senior competition. For senior competition, there is a standard for power, speed and body/edge control.

Tara Lipniski is also a tiny figure as a senior skater. But if you watch her skating, you will know why Satoko is not qualified for senior level. Satoko's skating remains in junior level like most Russian skaters.

Her jumps are 0,0,-2,-3,-1,0, and -1. Her PCS is 6.75.

Who do you think is the real winner of free competition?

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