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2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships: 2

Updated on September 27, 2015

The 2015 U.S. National made me think a few things. Yeah, that's a payback to the ISU and its judges. Take that, you cheaters.

However, that's not all there is to it. Wagner soared and shone. She showed off what she was capable of. In fact, to me, she appeared smashing everything that had shackled and inhibited, especially technical issues on her less-than-perfect jump.

We all know Wagner was unjustly penalized by the ISU's more-criminal-than-hypocritical judging practice that produced a massive army of Russian frauds.

Under-rotation? A quarter of roation? Wrong edge? Right, they are just excuses only to sell all those trashes with the astronomical price tags.

How dare they complain of Wagner's jumps?

But we shan't bluff. We shan't be carried away. Given the circumstances, Wagner's scores are still far more reasonable than the Russian scores, but let's not kid ourselves.

We are not interested in boosting imaginary scores. Neither do we condone any fraud nor shall we follow the path of lie. Let us forget about the ISU and its crimes for a moment. If the ISU is done for, now it is time for us to stand up for the sport and save its integrity from that criminal institution. We must show the world judging integrity and decency with sport philosophy.

Don't forget that we are the very house of ladies figure skating.

Ashley Wagner in 2015

What we need to do is to establish correct judging standards of our own.

It's time to put our efforts to restore the judging system and its integrity within our boundaries, if not possible with the ISU.

Forget about the ISU and international judging practices. Forget about the ISU's European hegemony.

Let's not complain of our athletes either. We must aim at the sport ideal and restoration of our legacy first. We don't want to produce skaters with monstrosity like Russians. We want nothing from those Russian monstrosity.

We have responsibility of preserving the sport and its glamorous heritage. To do so, we need to present a protocol of corruption free COP and its uncompromising management.

A few critical rules are followed.

1. Two-footed should be considered as a failure regardless of its overall quality and subject to automatic -3.

2. Jump GOE must be awarded only when the overall quality is beyond flawless and good enough to evoke the sense of greatness and excellence with immaculate performance. Any imbalance, instability, impediment be found, GOE cannot be awarded.

2-1. A combination jump must be executed without break between the first and second jump with flow. Any moment of stalling shall be subject to disqualification for GOE, that is, combination jump must be executed well enough to give the sense of oneness of the jump pair.

2-2. Any visible effort such as long preparation, or any gesture that impedes natural flow in takeoff shall not be considered for GOE.

2-3. The so called Russian skating characterized by fracture moves and jagged motions are considered great failure in overall skating, and subject to below 6 or 6.5 in the average PCS.

2-4. Based on the GOE standards above, those skaters with the average PCS 6 or lower are in general not qualified for GOE in jump with few exceptions.

3. Poor quality must be penalized.

4. Ratification standards must be strictly observed. The overall quality of jump must be good enough without flaw.

5. PCS must be strictly run.

5-1 6.0 -6.9 : The so called Russian skaters fall into this category. Skaters with junior characteristics, such as jagged, shallow edge, imbalance, or instability.

5-2. 7.0 -7.9: Senior skaters without features in the 5-1.

5-3. 8.0 -8.9: Leading skaters who demonstrate masterful execution throughout the program in continuous momentum with adequate speed and flow, without betraying any imbalance or physiological impediment.

5-4. 9.0 and above: Skaters whose technicality and presentation ability are in a rare level.

2015 US Nationals Preview

Quite honestly, the scores given by the judges in the 2015 US Nationals pleased me. However, I know that won't serve the sport better.

Yes, we have the totally screwed ISU to deal with, but restoration of the figure skating is priority.

I am afraid that the ISU will get away with their ongoing frauds if we join their crimes by creating bogus GOE and PCS.

Of course, the ISU will continue bullshitting Wagner,Gold and Edmunds. Remember how Yuna Kim got screwed by the judges.

Therefore, it is our duty to restore the legacy of U.S. ladies figure skating, right back to where it was and where it will be.

If the ISU insists on steering the course unchanged, we have no choice but abandon it. Our patience has run out.

But I think we can do something really constructive and futuristic here, yes, by establishing judging protocols of our own.

At least any US judge must adhere to the correct COP protocols in any competition he or she serves.

As once I mentioned, the COP system had been malfunctioning since 2013, which later culminated in Sochi Scandal.

Now we are here with our National with over 220. We have entered into a phase in which each country will attempt to inflate the scores as much as they can with petty excuses.

To me, it looks the entire system rolled back to the past. We are living in the COP yet the way we handle the system is like the old 6.0; a point lost its due weight.

The history of ladies figure skating is that of U.S. ladies figure skating. It's time to restore judging integrity.

Do you think U.S. judges can fix the current COP abuse by creating their own protocols?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      what is problem with this RZ. trying to fab UR from few photos from side view? lol

    • Gia Moroe profile image

      Gia Moroe 

      3 years ago from Texas, USA

      You do make some good points. I won't deny that. However, not all Russians have that problem. Some of them do, yes, but not all. Personally, I love Tuktamisheva and Radionova, though I don't think Radionova's PCS should be near Tuktamisheva's, and the men are a whole different story. (For instance, I don't think Kovtun is all he is cracked up to be, either.)

      Remedy has a point, though - all nationals have inflated scores, including ours. In reality, it would be harder for a quadless skater to get the score Jason Brown did without help. For instance, Patrick Chan's highest score pre-quad was 247.22 Evan Lysacek's score at the Olympics - which he won quadless - was 257.67.

      You do have some good points, though, and there are definitely issues with the ISU judging system that need to fixed, no doubt about that.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      """Remember how Yuna Kim got screwed by the judges."""

      Screwed over?? When? Hardly anyone can remember Yuna-who to begin with, but she was noteworthy as the original "fixed score queen".

      """Under-rotation? A quarter of rotation?"""

      Here's a great example:

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      jess i appreciate your concern about russian freak show. but i really dont like 15 US mational had same inflated score just like russia and japan. it like saying " if you inflated i inflate too" NO No No! i had wished US was sole defender who stick to the strict and correct cop system. Now they all looked same to me. whole idea of inflated pt system had one hidden goal! to erase whole previous records. gosh i already missed yuna's reigning season.


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