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2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships: Ladies

Updated on January 27, 2015

Ashley Wagner in 2015

Thumbs up! Go Ashley!

Way to go for Ashley!

The score? Wow! That made me laugh at first.

Like I knew that would come of course. Don't get me wrong. I am happy for Ashley. She finally did it, but as I said before, will she get what she deserves in the Worlds or any international competition?

The scores are not accurate, but Ashley did a wonderful performance. That's a kick-ass performance especially for the ISU and Russian frauds.

Take that! That's how you skate, you bastards!

But is all we can do ---showering her with massive points and just watch her humiliated by the ISU judges?

I have always insisted on severing tie with the ISU altogether. If that's too radical to take, now what? What is the next step?

Ashley Wagner in 2015

Incredible Ashley Wagner

First, Ashley's short program is decent.

Ashley's flow and speed are satisfactory for a skater with 8.0 PCS, yet her jump quality here isn't good enough to earn +GOE.

Her first jump combination was two footed, and second and third were just acceptable. Only her moves throughout the program were good enough to secure 8.0 in the average PCS.

Ashley's jump GOE's are following: -3, 0, and 0.

Her TES is 31 and her PCS, 32, which gives her 63 in total.

Ashley's free program is fantastic. I have never seen any skater who skated as well as Ashley these days. What a performance!

Her free jumps' GOE are following: +2,0,0,+1,0, +2, and +1. I think it's almost ages ago since the last time when I marked +2 on any skater except Yuna Kim.

Her TES is 66 while her PCS, 70, which gives her 136 in total.

There are not much of sophistication, refinement or precision; however, there is an incredible speed and confidence without glaring flaws ---that's how you skate.

I don't think Ashley's average PCS goes over 9.0 despite her brilliance, accurately speaking.

The average 9.0 PCS must demonstrate mastery in both technicality as well as high level of aesthetic evocation.

Nevertheless, Ashley did a remarkable performance. That's what power skaters can do when they are on.

Gracie Gold in 2015

Gracie Gold, running out of fuel

Gracie's short program is good except jumps.

Her first jump was problematic, but after that she managed the rest well enough to give her 8.0 in PCS average.

Gracie is better than Ashley in her presentation ability; Gracie's program is heightened in musical interpretation while Ashley's program appears a bit monotonous though Ashely's speed and edge are accentuated.

Gracie's jump GOE's are following: -3,0 and 0. Her TES is 28 due to her low basic points while her PCS is 32, which gives her 60 in total.

I think Gracie is equal to Wagner in PCS in short program, especially as her other elements are better or equal to Wagner's.

Gracie Gold in 2015

Gracie's free program, however, shows the difference between Ashley and Gracie. In short program Gracie was able to put Ashley in shooting range, but in free the difference between the two begins to widen.

Gracie's jump GOE's are following: 0, -1,0,-3,-1, -1 and 0.

I think I gave her a bit generous marks for GOE.

Her TES will be 54 while PCS, 60, which gives her 114 in total.

Polina Edmunds in 2015

Polina Edmunds needs more strength and stamina

Actually Polina won the short program.

Polina's jumps are following: -1,0 and 0. I do not find any reason not to place her average PCS in 8.0. in this short program. I was initially willing to give her 8.25 but based on her lack of strength, I deducted 0.25.

Though her skating appears lacking power, Polina's performance is the best here, at least compared to Ashley's and Gracie's.

Her TES is 32 with 32 in PCS, which gives her 64 in total.

Polina's skating shows higher degree of bodily freedom than others'. Only her power and speed appear a bit compromised, though not very significant.

In free where Polina's weaknesses are exposed, Polina jump GOE's are following: -1, -2,-1,-3, 0, -2 and 0.

Her TES is 55 with 60 in PCS.

Here you can see a dilemma. Like Gracie, Polina also has a power problem. Ashley lack of what Polina is good at, such as line, extensions, expressiveness and bodily freedom and sophistication; Gracie lack of what Ashley is good at, such as power and what Polina is good at, such as jump accuracy and consistency.

In fact, we need someone who has a character of three skaters combined. But if we have to choose only one, Ashley will be the one; a power skater is more likely to beat others.

Nothing left greater impact than power and speed.

Polina Edmunds

Who do you think is the winner of the 2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships?

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How do you grade Ashley Wagner's correct scores?

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