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3 Activities to Do in Autumn

Updated on November 10, 2011

Activities to do in Autumn-Jogging and climbing

Jogging : running is mandatory in sports, jogging is not only taken as a warm-up, but also a good weight loss exercise. Jogging does not have any restrictions, you can do it anywhere. Cool autumn is very good for outdoor sports, it makes many people go for an outing.
The best choice is climbing, not only keeps you fit, but also releases stress, excluding bad feelings.

Pay attention: for old people, do not always stress the effect of exercise, don’t do when it is in low temperature, especially in the mornings and nights. Slow down when climbing, take off or wear clothes according to the temperature along with ascending or descending. Patients of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease should do it within limit to prevent accidents.

The benefits: increase lung’s vital capacity and pulmonary ventilation. It improves blood circulation and increases cerebral blood flow, urine acidity increases. Ascending hills is beneficial to physiology in many ways due to the special climate of autumn. Along with the rise of partial temperature, the amount of hydrogen ion and the so called “vitamin of air” oxygen ion in the atmosphere rises, meanwhile the air pressure decreases, it prompts many changes of physiology within human body. It has curing effect on the disease like asthma, in the mean time, it reduces blood sugar level and increases the hemoglobin quantity and red cells of the blood.

activities to do in autumn
activities to do in autumn

Activities to do in Autumn- cold bath

Cold bath: cold bath is bathing in the cold water between 5 to 20 degree Celsius. The benefits are obvious: firstly it stimulates the nerve system and mind refreshing. Secondly, It strenghthens the immune system and improves blood circulation. Thirdly, it improves digestion and has curing effect for gastrititis, Gastropsosia and constipation.

Cold bathing sould be proceeded in a step by step way: in autumn, the temperature gradually lowers, so the human body is sensitive to the cold weather and water. It should be proceeded from partial to whole body, the water temperature should start from high to low and the time should begin from short to long.

There are a few kinds of cold bath: cold head bath, using cold water to wash head and face. Cold feet bath: soaking feet in water, start from 20 degree celcius to 5 degree. Wiping bath: using towel immersed in cold water to wipe body gently, the time should not be too long. Using 35 degrees of hot water to gradually lower to using tap-water.

It should be noted that cold bath is not fit for everybody, some people are sensitive to cold water and could cause allergy. For example, measles, purple plague etc. This kind of people cannot have cold bath. Patients with serious high blood pressure, coronary disease, rheumatism, tuberculosis, sciatica and high fever cannot do this.


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    • writerscentro profile image

      Aditya Soni 5 years ago from India

      I think these are the tips one can follow to remain fit in autumns. An inspiring hub mate.........God bless.....Voted upp !!!!!