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3 Best Selling Child Carrier Camping Backpacks For Hiking

Updated on June 28, 2013
Buy Best Child Carrier Camping Backpacks
Buy Best Child Carrier Camping Backpacks | Source

Baby carrier backpacks are simply one of the best things which every parent aspires for. Apart from giving you the ease to hold your baby it also gives a feeling of closeness and bonding since your baby is simply attached to you.

Of course, it is safe and secure for your infant and makes it easy for you too to take him wherever you want without any fear of mishandling.

For those who love to go hiking and various other adventures along with your infant, buying a child carrier backpack is a must.

These baby carrier backpacks have a rucksack style design and provided with a light metal. The baby can sit with comfort and you can take him where you want since it comes with padded shoulders strap. The waist belt ensures safety of the child.

Choosing The Best Backpack Carrier For Your Toddler

When it comes to choosing the best carrier backpack for your infant, you need to know a few of the important aspects:

The baby backpack carrier is primarily of two types- soft carriers which includes slings and wraps which are meant mainly for using in your daily routine of work. The other type is hard cover or framed carrier which is used if you intend to go for long hours of wearing like hiking. These are very strong built in order to ensure the safety of your child while you go climb up.

When you buy the baby carrier make sure it gives support to your child’s head, it is not just comfortable for your child to lie down rather it is comfortable for you too to wear. It must come with proper ventilation and proper padding. The shoulder straps should be well padded and the carrier should be well adjustable as well.

Some other features which you may look for before buying the carrier backpack for your toddler includes having a bottle holder, mirrors, loops, ventilation system.

In this post, check out some of the best child carrier camping backpacks for hiking which surely you would love to have.

Kelty Rain Cover Child Carrier Camping Backpack

The charcoal colored camping backpack for your infant is lightweight and durable. It is waterproof so that your child doesn’t get wet during rainy seasons.

This backpack has been designed in a way to protect your child in the unexpected weather season. It comes in two sizes- medium and large.

The Kelty Rain cover will surely keep your gear dry even in case of heavy rains. It comes with a secure fit and the mesh storage pouch too is handy.

This has been placed at price ranging from $22.45-$34.99 though a few of the reviewers have believed that it is a bit costly and far more cheaper options are available.

But if we take into account the fit and the quality of the product then sure it can be placed at a good position in comparison to other cheaper options available.

Osprey Packs Poco - Plus Child Carrier Camping Backpack

The Poco Plus child carrier has been one of the best sellers amongst the best child carrier camping backpack. It comes with multitude of features and has been designed in a way that it looks up to the comfort of both the infant and the parents.

You can easily wear if you are going for hiking or simply on an uneven terrain or just for a long walk. The child carrier comes with adjustable hip belt along with zippered pockets.

Apart from this it also has inner mesh security pocket, a pocket for keeping your cell phone on the shoulder strap, two stretch mesh side pockets. In order to lower down the fatigue level it comes with essential padding too.

The Poco Plus Child carrier also has a removable drool pad. The good aspect is that it is lightweight and hence you won’t feel any weight, you can easily swing it around. The well placed handlebars makes it quite easy to pick up the pack.

Yet another interesting feature of this baby carrier is the sun shade which is just amazing. Just one of the best for your infants as it comes with a secure perfect fit.

Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier Camping Backpack

If you love to go for adventures with your toddler then this baby carrier surely is an interesting to look at as it is designed in a way to that you can carry your child with ease and comfort.

The pack has an effective hydration system, it comes with adequate amount of storage too. It has a zippered pocket under the seat and also mesh size pockets which you can easily access on your way.

It weighs around 48.5 lbs. A high quality suspension system has been used in this baby carrier to ensure the safety of the child.

It is very durable child carrier and provides ample storage space too.


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