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3 Best Tent Heaters For Camping For Sale Online

Updated on June 12, 2011

One of the most beloved types of holidays in the world is camping.  There's something about getting away from the cities, the lights, the action and living in the wild for a few days; of course campsites are so well managed now that it's not like the real thing but it's close enough. 

What makes camping such a great activity?  No technology.  You're away from the white noise of it all and instead of being on the computer or watching TV you get to read a book, go hiking, go fishing... all the real, tangible things of the world. 

Another reason why people camp is that instead of the classic Man vs Man which the city entails, when you're camping it's Man vs Nature: it's you against the elements.

And sometimes those elements get cold.  And sometimes you need a tent heater to survive.

Tent heaters have been around for centuries; way back when aboriginals ruled the land, they would have more natural tent heaters in the form of fires (even up north igloos still use a fire to stay warm). 

Tent heaters have, however, become more modern.  Electric tent heaters for camping, gas tent heaters, cheap coleman tent heaters... the list goes on and on.  But what's the best?


Top 3 Tent Heaters For Camping:


Coleman BlackCat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater with InstaStart Technology

One of my personal favorite camping heaters comes in the form of Coleman propane tent heater. Now some of you may become considered: propane? Isn't that dangerous? And the answer is no, not at all. Coleman has made of the best tent heaters around that is safe and effective.

Why is it so good?

  • Runs up to 7 hours on one tank.
  • Matchless lighting.
  • Flame-less heat - perfect for the tent.
  • High and low temperature settings.

Mr Heater MH18B Portable "Big Buddy" Heater

This is the best electric heater available right now in the market. It's a cheap portable electric heater that is one of the best electric tent heaters for camping. If you don't like the use of propane then this battery powered tent heater is perfect for you.

It has ideal indoor use with various different safety features that are perfect for camping. One is a low-oxygen shut off system that will turn off automatically if fumes ever become too great in your tent - or wherever you are. This is perfect for the family, as you never have to worry about turning the tent heater off.

More Features:

  • Battery OR A/C Powered Tent Heater
  • Low, medium and high controls.
  • Mounting holes for wall mounting.
  • Heat Control Knob
  • Easy Start
  • Automatic Shut-Off

Cantherm EC 200 Forced Air Heater

A tent heater can mean many different things. Sure the first thought that comes to mind is a small family camping tent and a small, safe, tent heater.

But what about those big tents? You know, the ones for festivals, events and concerts? Those are important too. The question that should be asked - what are the best heaters for big tents?

The answer comes in the form of the 200 Forced Air Heater, a beast in design and efficiency.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • 219,000 BTU per hour
  • Electric Flame Control
  • Two Stage Pump For Cold Weather
  • Durable
  • Great For Construction Sites, Tent Heating, Livestock barns, ect.


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      7 years ago

      This review is at best misleading.

      The second choice, the Mr Heater Big Buddy heater is described as "If you don't like the use of propane then this battery powered tent heater is perfect for you" and as: "Battery OR A/C Powered Tent Heater".

      Please correct this: this heater is in fact propane powered, and it only has a small electric fan that may be turned on (optionally).

      The heater is not powered by electricity!


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