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How To Start A Fire| Learn 3 Creative Ways On How To Start A Fire and Survive!

Updated on November 12, 2013

The Challenge ( Warning! Fire is dangerous and can cause damage, injury or death. Please be responsible. At your own risk!.)

Fire Starting has been quite the challenge since the beginning of time and has been recently proven by all the new outdoor reality shows. (Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls, Dual Survival, Naked and Afraid, etc.) Individuals in these shows have many struggles in the wilderness, but nothing comes close to the energy and effort you put into making a fire.

Many wilderness survivalist say if you can make a shelter and a fire, your chances of survival jump up substantially! With a fire you have the ability to boil water, cook food, keep warm and have protection from bugs or animals. It also is a huge morale booster! There is something about having a fire that makes you feel more positive/relaxed about your situation and enables you to think clearly and not panic.

1. Start A Fire Using Water

With the United States using billions of plastic bottles each year, you have a good chance in being able to find something usable out in the field. That is if you haven't brought something with you already.

1. Bottle Water - Find the cleanest water you can.

2. Take off wrapping and use a smooth dome section of the bottle. (Preferably the top.)

3. Find something to burn and have kindling ready. If you can find something dark in color or make it dark with ash, dirt, etc it will be easier. (Black attracts heat)

4. Focus the light through the bottle until you get the smallest circle of light on the other side. (Similar to how you'd use a magnify glass to start a fire.)

5. Wait until you see smoke and gently nurse a flame from the smoke. Then put flame in the kindling.

Take a look at video below to see how this is done.

Start A Fire With A Water Bottle

2. Start A Fire With A Soda Can

There is a good chance you'll be able to find a soda can in a time of fire necessity and with it you'll be able to start a fire.

1. Soda Can

2. With clay, ash, chocolate, toothpaste, etc. polish the bottom of the can until you get a nice mirror-like image.

3. Find something to burn and have kindling ready. (Something black or darker in color will catch on fire easier.)

4. Move can around until you can get the smallest point/ reflection of the sun,

5. Once you see smoke, nurse a flame and put under kindling.

See video below for tutorial

Start A Fire With Pop Can

Start A Fire With Pop Can #2

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3. Start A Fire From Ice

If we can't find any man made items to help us with fire starting perhaps turning to nature for answers is the best. By cutting and shaping ice we can make the sun's ray into a point and direct heat to a certain location and puff! Flame!

1. Block of ice.

2. Shape the ice so that it is flat on one side and domed on the other.

3. Find something to burn and have kindling ready.

3. Find a location to place the ice block so that it can give direct heat to one location.

4. Use accelerants or other flammable solutions to help start the fire faster.

Take a look at video below to see how it is made.

Start A Fire From Ice

Practice! (At Your Own Risk!)

An emergency situation can happen at any moment and the sooner we can learn the skills that can keep us alive the better! There are many more interesting ways to starting a fire such as AA battery w/ Gum wrapper, using a cell phone battery and of course using the fire friction methods. The sooner we get our minds in survival mode instead of victim mode, the better chance we will be able to help ourselves and family.

Take a look at the bonus video below to see how our early ancestors made fire. This man is Samoan and starts a fire in about 6mins while he is talking to the camera. He probably could've done it faster without all the talk, but if all else fails we can find 2 pieces of wood and start a fire using this method.

Kenny Crandell - President of

Fire Starting Techniques


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    • profile image

      anndango 4 years ago

      I would never have thought to use water, ice or pop can to start a fire. So cool (well, hot actually). Great and interesting hub. Voted up.