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3 Sports Which Impacted Our Leisure Time

Updated on February 20, 2018

I was reminiscing about sports I used to play growing up and these three inventions really had a big influence on making my leisure time that much better. See if you agree with my choices and reasons for these inventions being so important.

1. The "Frisbee"- From toy to sport to professional teams this invention started way back in 1948, when the first plastic disc were produced and thrown, to modern day with Frisbee "sports" such as freestyle, disc golf and Ultimate Frisbee. The disc was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1998. Need I say more? Well just a few more facts, Wham O coined the trademark name "Frisbee" in 1957. And a group of teens from New Jersey invented the game "Ultimate Frisbee" in 1967, a game still played today.

2. Wiffle ball - 8 holes on the side of a plastic ball revolutionized a leisure time sport. In 1953, David N. Mullany designed a ball that can curve when you throw it, thus making a lot of kids happy including me. Many games of summer Wiffle ball occupied my time as a youngster. We created a neighborhood league, imitated the batting stances of our favorite players, and tried to hit that home run across the street onto our neighbor's front lawn.

Here are a few fun facts about the Wiffle ball. It got it's name from the inventor's son who called a strikeout a "wiff." Wiffle ball became popularized in the 60's and was played in backyards, on streets, and even on beaches. In 1980 The World Wiffle Ball Championships began is is considered the oldest sanctioned tournament.

3. "Nerf" Ball Products- This foam based product was created by Parker Brothers and released in the 1970's. The foam design was used for footballs, basketballs, and baseballs. One unique aspect of these "Nerf" balls was the bright colors schemes featured. The "Nerf" was touted as the "worlds first official indoor ball." Fun fact, the name "Nerf" was a slang term for the foam padding used in off-road-racing and adapted as a marketing term.

Honorable Mention- Pink Rubber Superball
- This invention dates to 1949 or even earlier according to Wikipedia. I used this type ball to play Stoop ball or "pinners," as it was called in Chicago, where it may have originated. You play the game like baseball with the objective being to hit the angled part of the step to make the ball go airborne. The solid pink ball bounced really well off the stoop's steps and was easy to field as well. Spent many a youthful summers playing this game. Maybe you did to?

Hoping this brings back some pleasant summer memories for those of you who enjoy playing sports.

Source information- Wikipedia



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