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3 Tips for Selecting a New High Sierra Backpack

Updated on May 13, 2012

There are many things that you should consider when choosing the best hiking backpack. Here, are the three most important aspects to a hiking backpack that help you decide on the best design, size, and fit of your new High Sierra backpacks.

Design: When you are choosing the best hiking backpack there are two different types that you want to consider an internal frame backpack or the external frame backpack.

1. Internal Frame: the internal frame backpacks are great for day trips or small hiking trips. They allow for natural posture while hiking because it fits snuggly on your back. This enables hikers advanced mobility over obstacles while carrying a backpack. The internal frame backpacks, also shift the load in the backpack too match the hiker’s natural center of gravity also providing more stability to the hiker.

2. External Frame: these types of backpacks are great for a long weekend trip or several days of hiking. This is because they are able to carry a greater amount of weight because of the external frame. This means you can carry your bed, tent, supplies and other essentials on your trip easily. They do not hug your body like the internal frame backpacks, so there is more air flow between you and the backpack. The external frames backpacks also allow the ability to shift the weight for the hiker allowing better stability and greater center of gravity while hiking.

Backpack Size: Getting the right size backpack for your hiking experiences is essential. When you are shopping around for the perfect backpack, you will notice they are sized by the liter. Depending on how many liters one backpack has it gives you the information of how much stuff will fit into that backpack. Depending on the type of hiking that you do you can choose the perfect size for you. However, do not buy them to large otherwise you will be wasting the space and carrying extra weight when you do not need it. The High Sierra Swerve Backpack has just enough room for those looking for a verstile backpack.

Backpack Fit: When you are shopping for a backpack you want it to be the perfect fit for you. You want it to be large enough to reach your waist where the majority of the weight will be. A good way to do this is to measure the exact length that you need by going from the base of your neck down to your waist. Once you have that measurement, you can get the exact backpack that you can use in your outdoor adventure that will be perfect.

- Once you know your measurements of the backpack you need then you can start trying them. Trying on different makes and models, will give you a feel for how each manufacture makes their bags. There are different quality specifications that go along with each bag that includes, fit, comfort, and flexibility. High Sierra backpacks are known for their quality, comfort and fit. I would highly recommend these backpacks for any outdoor enthusiast.

- While, you are trying them on make sure there is something you can use to fill it there. Most shops you purchase quality bags from will allow you t fill the bag with weights to simulate the effective of having it loaded while hiking. This is a great perspective to try when you are searching for the perfect backpack.

- Adjusting the straps is a must when shopping for the perfect bag. When you place the bag on and adjust all the straps it gives you a great idea of how they will feel when you are hiking in them. Not all straps will feel the same.

- Many manufactures like High Sierra offer backpacks that are geared towards woman and men. These backpacks are designed on the average size and height of the hiker and can offer a more comfortable fit. So, do not discount these types of bags while searching for one.


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  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    you are a tease ;)

  • ImKarn23 profile image

    Karen Silverman 

    6 years ago

    LOL..everything i never knew i wanted to know about backpacks! I've learned something new today - now - what to do with the information...haha...

    (teasing, ya know..)


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