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3 Great Beginner Fishing Poles for Kids

Updated on August 12, 2013

Here Are The Best Beginner Fishing Poles To Start Them Young!

So you're considering getting a best kid's beginner fishing pole from this Lens? Deciding "I'll do it" is one of the good decisions you'll make in this life. If you get yourself one too, or at least spend time with your child while they use theirs, it's an even better choice. Like the Trace Adkins song "Just Fishin''" says, you'll be doing a lot more than fishin'!

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of fishing trips with my father. He went for the big fish like largemouth bass and northern pike, using lures, while I fished for perch and bluegill using worms. With my childhood mentality I couldn't understand why he'd waste so much time tossing lures around... I was the one having fun catching the most fish!

Children today spend far too much time on computers and cell phones, sadly, with adults leading the way. Getting out and doing something organic like baiting a hook with a worm and then patiently waiting for a fish to bite is a guaranteed method of strengthening the bond with the child in your life!

Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities in the United States with estimates ranging from about 20% to as high as 30% of the adult population participating in the sport. Annually, about 30 million people pay for a license to fish.

It's Easy!

All you really need is a fishing pole set, which comes with the rod, the reel and fishing line installed.

Add hooks and a bobber or two, then grab a dozen nightcrawlers at a local bait shop and your child is ready to fish! In most states no license is required for children under a certain age. If you decide to fish also then you'll likely need to purchase a license.

Three Recommended Children's Fishing Poles

Any of these three choices would make an excellent kid's Christmas gift: The Princess for young girls, Spiderman for boys, the Zebco for older kids. These come with the pole and a reel loaded with line. Add bobbers, hooks and sinkers as stocking stuffers and they'll be good to go!

Shakespeare Disney Princess Spincast Youth Combo 2'6'' - 1pc - M
Shakespeare Disney Princess Spincast Youth Combo 2'6'' - 1pc - M

I started my daughter with this very pole. It's performed flawlessly over the past year. She's caught lots of panfish with it and it easily casts as far as my own...okay, further actually...maybe like a couple inches max, lol. What's not to like?

Zebco Medium Heavy Spincast Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
Zebco Medium Heavy Spincast Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

This would be a great choice for an older teen who has outgrown the Spiderman type stuff...or for you!


DORA!!! - Another option for girls is the hugely popular Dora line...a wonderful Christmas gift for sure!


Safety First!

I'm a firm believer in children wearing a life jacket anytime they're around open water. Letting a youngster fish without one from a shoreline or a dock, let alone a boat, can present dangers the average person simply isn't aware of. I hate to put it this way but "I'm right here to save them if they fall in" is the mantra of the uneducated fool. And occasionally, a parent pays an extremely heavy price for being that fool.

I've even approached parents fishing from a dock with their child nearby, where I know the water is deep and murky with cast off shopping carts and other trash on the bottom that would trap their child if they fell in and went to the bottom, and lectured them slightly (in a nice way). Of course it still ticks them off a bit, and they do always repeat the fool's mantra noted above, but they usually take their child and leave shortly thereafter. Perhaps once they calm down and consider my motive, future behavior will change. I'd rather have a ticked off parent on my conscience than a dead child.

Anyone who gains knowledge about the real dangers under the surface and the dangers of water itself, once educated, would agree: when a child gets near water, the life jacket goes on.

Bobbers! Tackle!

My recommend for bobbers is the South Bend 10 Assorted Flourescent Floats.

South Bend137-Piece Deluxe Tackle Kit
South Bend137-Piece Deluxe Tackle Kit

Other than the fishing pole itself, this has everything you need and a few extra nice-to-have items. It's a good value for the money for sure.

Ready to Fish Panfish Kit
Ready to Fish Panfish Kit

I like this kit but even though it says "complete" I'd say you'd still best get some bobbers and a couple packs of the no. 6 hooks below.

Eagle Claw 07140-004 Snap-on Float
Eagle Claw 07140-004 Snap-on Float

Red & white is the more traditional color scheme for bobbers. These are popular and work just fine, just not my choice.

South Bend Push Button Float Assortment
South Bend Push Button Float Assortment

I understand some folks prefer a bigger red & white bobber like the one above, especially if they're using a sinker. But I always seem to catch a few more fish each time out using these yellow & orange ones.

South Bend Assorted Egg Sinkers - 54 Pcs.
South Bend Assorted Egg Sinkers - 54 Pcs.

I don't use sinkers much, but when you need one this assortment will surely cover it.

Eagle Claw 121W-6 Aberdeen Light Wire Snell Fishing Hook, 6 Piece (Gold)
Eagle Claw 121W-6 Aberdeen Light Wire Snell Fishing Hook, 6 Piece (Gold)

For panfish I like size 6 hooks. You'll need a pack or two because occasionally you'll get the hook snagged in a way you can't get it out and you'll have to break the line..


Where To Catch Them!

So you've got your child set up with a fishing pole, hook, bobber, nightcrawlers....maybe a light sinker to help cast it out a bit further. You've located a lake or river to try. Now what? How do they catch some bluegill, perch or other panfish?

I tie the hook on the very bottom of the line, put a worm (nightcrawler) on the hook and set the bobber about two feet above the hook. That's the rig. Now if you do decide a sinker is necessary to cast farther or to keep the worm lower in the water then put it at the bottom, the hook maybe 6-12 inches above it, then the (optional) bobber.

Panfish tend to hang out near cover. That might be a dock, a "fish attracter" placed by the Corps of Engineers, weed beds near shore, a tree that blew over into the water...anything of that nature. Have your child cast the rig in as close to the cover as possible without getting tangled up in it. Then wait... usually in a few minutes, sometimes just a few seconds, they'll get a bite. Sometimes the fish will run with it immediately, sometimes they'll play with it a bit first. Have your child wait for the bobber to either move quickly across the surface or go under the water to "jerk" the rod slightly and set the hook. Voila, they've hooked their first panfish!

On my daughter's first outing she got about thirty firm bites and caught six bluegill. I told her how proud I was of her and she responded by busting out in crocodile tears. I asked her what was wrong and she replied, "I didn't catch them all Daddy, some got away!" Now those are some pretty high standards!

Trace Adkins Fishin'

An amazing song from Trace about taking his little girl fishing. It doesn't get any better than this....

Comments about fishing with your child? - Fishing tips, anything funny...whatever... just so it relates to the subject at hand

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    • profile image

      JudyRodgers 5 years ago

      Very nice lens magicman007!

      I bought the Shakespeare Disney Princess Fishing Pole Rod Reel Combo for my granddaughter for Christmas.

      My very first lens is also about kids fishing poles.

    • Writingmystory1 profile image

      Writingmystory1 6 years ago

      Another thing very important for a fishing trip is sunscreen. I learned the hard way that childrens skin can burn very quickly when I took my 2 1/2 year old son fishing and he got a bad burn even tho none of the rest of us seemed to get any sun.