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3 season sleeping bag

Updated on June 5, 2011

What is a 3 Season Sleeping Bag

The 3 Season Sleeping Bags are by far the most practical sleeping bag which is used for a variety of different conditions and most climates. They are serve as a versatile winter jacket and they are specially designed for use in cold to mild weather. These bags are perfectly suited to spring, summer and autumn. This sleeping bag will work well to temperatures down to 20 degrees. Though this kind of sleeping bag is rated for 20 degrees it will depend on your attire, your metabolism and the bag construction to keep you warm.

3 season sleeping bag is by far the most popular since they are probably the most flexible and versatile sleeping bags. On account of its popularity, selecting the best sleeping bag can be tough as they can range from being poor quality bags to excellent ones. Nevertheless, an outstanding bag is much more affordable than some truly miserable bags. It would cost you about $150 to $200. These bags are constructed differently with different material on the market. You should be aware of the many features so that you can decide on a bag with the features you find most desirable.


Caravan shaped sleeping bag
Caravan shaped sleeping bag
Mummy shaped sleeping bag
Mummy shaped sleeping bag

Features of 3 season sleeping bag

There are a wide range of different features that you should consider carefully while you are selecting the sleeping bag that suit yourself such as the kind of insulation, sizing, design, the external shell material and structure. The basic design features consist of compatible zippers, custom sizing, built in hoods, storage compartments, a sleeping pad sleeve, inbuilt pillows along with bag liners. Due to the ability of 3 season sleeping bags to keep warm, you will have to choose a full-length sleeping bag feature with two-way zipper to aid ventilation for the use in warmer seasons.

3 Season Sleeping Bag is available in various sizes which include sizes for men, women and children. Women’s sleeping bags are normally a little shorter and narrower at the shoulders, broader at the hips to fit a women’s body shape. Extra insulation is also added in the upper body and foot box. There is a type of sleeping bag which combines two sleeping bags which you can zip them together in the middle. If you prefer this kind of bag you should ensure that the sleeping bag you choose should consist of 2 different kinds of zippers which include a right-hand zipper and a left-hand zipper. The zippers have to be of the same kind and the same total length to ease the motion of zipping. Always remember to check it properly before you purchase it.

Additionally, there are 3 season sleeping bags with special sizing available out there such as doublewide bags. These sleeping bags are specially designed for two people to sleep and also reduce the trouble of selecting two corresponding zips. Some producers enable the option of zipping the doublewide bag separately to form two singular bags. This feature is crucial if you are going somewhere with a partner on a consistent basis.

3 season sleeping bag is always better when it is featured with a built in hood. If you stay in a frosty environment, plenty of heat can be lost from your head as your head is exposed. With the presence of built in hood, you'll be able to cinch it around your head using the trusty draw cord. It will result in a comfortable fit and reduce the radiation of warm air. If necessary, you might have to look for a three season sleeping bag with pocket configuration. These compartments will suit your organizational needs when you're traveling with loads of items like mobile phone which you want to keep them close by your side all the time. These pockets will really come in useful.


3 season sleeping bag comes in 2 main kinds of insulation that is goose down bags and synthetic bags. They are both offer the same purpose that is retain heat, however there are still benefits and drawbacks to each that have to be factored into your purchasing decision. Synthetic bags are usually less-expensive when compare to down bags. Synthetic bags are more popular because they are easier to care for. For example, you can easily dry them by throwing them in dryer. As for down bags, they are somewhat lighter than synthetic bags and they can be easily packed into a smaller luggage because if they are highly compressible. But, you should always remember not to get them wet. Normally the external material of the sleeping bag is made from either a Polyester or Ripstop Nylon. These strong materials will provide you protection while sleeping as well as to make sure the insulation stuff is always kept dry.


3 season sleeping bags are available in two shapes that are caravan and mummy. Caravan bags are rectangular in shape which provides you spaces to move around or switch positions whilst you sleep. These types of sleeping bags are suitable for those who move a lot. Mummy bags are tapered. These kinds of bags are popular because they normally are lighter. Besides that, mummy shaped bags can also retain heat better. They packed you securely inside and thus you don't have to move around to heat yourself up.


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