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3 Old school games of Singapore and where to find them

Updated on July 11, 2016

‘Gasing’, ‘Five Stones’ and ‘Chapteh’ may sound unfamiliar to the average 8 year old child today but for the 90’s kids, these terms bring up sentimental memories. Long before smartphones and handheld gadgets, children in Singapore grew up playing with toys made of paper, feathers and even sticks! Remember the days spent trying to balance on one foot while kicking your chapteh? Here is a list of places where you can still find your childhood toys at.

1. Find ‘Gasing’ at Mareara Trading

For over 30 years Mareara Trading has been delighting customers with its classic games in Bukit Merah. A haven for vintage game lovers, the shop front’s kaleidoscope of colours induce fond recollection of the good old days. A veteran of the trade, the owner’s crusade to preserve traditional toys in Singapore is now online. Pictures of Mr Seow’s handicrafts are proudly displayed on Kampong Wonderland, a Facebook page created by his family friend. Gasing, the quintessential childhood toy, and other traditional game sets can be found here.
For more information, visit

2. Find ‘Five Stones’ at Old School delights

Nestled amidst a row of eateries, pubs and enrichment centres, this old school café at Upper Thomson Road is a hidden gem. The relaxed exterior may not catch your attention at first glance, but once you step in, you would not want to leave empty ended. The chalkboard walls and wooden tables evoke fond memories of one’s childhood and create a laid-back setting. With games like Five Stones, Old Maid and Kuti Kuti arranged neatly onto shelves, one can’t help but feel like a child again. Available for purchase, these also make unique gifts for friends!
Old School Delights is located at 215M Upper Thomson Road, 574349

3. Find ‘Chapteh’ at the One Nation Run

Held at the Marina Barrage, the maiden One Nation Run is the perfect location to enjoy a day of nostalgic activities. Apart from a 5km casual run, participants can enjoy a picnic and also look forward to a carnival filled with old school games. Race packs come with a kite each and carnival tokens worth 30 dollars. Instead of spending the public holiday at home, take a walk down memory lane with childhood games like chapteh, zero point and five stones! New carnival delights can also be found at the event.
For more information, visit


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