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4 Best Red Dot Sights

Updated on July 6, 2011

The rise of modern technology has lead to some great advances in nearly all consumer gear.  Hunting gear is no exception.  The electronic reflex sight is extremely handy for hunters that hunt deer in heavy cover simply because it gives you that edge that all hunters love to have.

The electronic reflex sight (also known as "red dot" to the common folks like you and I) was first developed by those fine folks over in Sweden (they seem to always make hot toys over there).  It's intended for hunters who want a fast, close-range, wide field of view sight when hunting fast moving game. 

Upon equipping your rifle with one of these scopes, you'll immediately discover that the brightness and speed of the optic will give you an edge in dark, thick cover.  And if it tickles your fancy, you can also mount one to your shotgun or muzzleloader.  Just keep in mind, a lot of states prohibit telescopic sights during muzzleloader season.  Equipped on a handgun, the reflex sight will provide extended eye relief, a bigger picture, and much tighter groups.

The four reflex sights listed here are all worth looking into.  You should base your purchase decision on ease of use, which type of dot you prefer, and of course (usually most importantly) the cost.  Not matter which one you decide upon, you'll probably be happy with its performance.

Leupold Deltapoint Reflex Sight

Mounted weight with battery: 2 ounces

Overall length: 1 5/8"

Power: 1X

Size of dot(s)/Shape: 7.5-MOA triangle, 3.5-MOA dot

Dot Color: Red

Overview: This Leupold unit is constructed of magnesium and has a triangular dot. You can use the apex for far away targets, or the whole reticle for close range. The sight window is 26x19mm. It is also equipped with a motion-sensitive on-off switch and a brightness level that adjusts automatically to ambient light.

Best Feature: When you raise the gun, the sight goes on.  Lay your gun back down and the sight goes off in five minutes.

Worst Feature: This Leupold requires a special wrench to adjust the windage and elevation, and is without clicks.  All this makes it rather difficult to adjust.

Nikon Monarch Dot Sight VSD

Mounted weight with battery: 7.9 ounces

Overall Length: 3 3/4"

Power: 1X

Size of dot(s)/shape: Variable-dot 1, 4, 6, 8, 10 MOA

Dot Color: Red

Overview: It contains 30mm fully multi-coated lenses (Nikon knows a thing or two about quality lenses).  The Variable Size Dot (VSD) tube sight has a wide range of view and five dot sizes.  It also has a rheostat dial with 11 brightness adjustment levels.

Best Feature: Since it has such a wide field of view, it offers nearly instant target acquisitions.  Also the Nikon has very user-friendly positive-click finger adjustments.

Worst Feature: There are 55 different aiming-point options between the dot sizes and rheostat.  Let's face it, that's at least 40 too many and can make it quite complicated.

Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope

Mounted weight with battery: 5.2 ounces

Overall length: 3"

Power: 1X

Size of dot(s)/shape: 2-MOA dot

Dot Color: Red

Overview: This sight is not only economical, but also compact.  The SPARC (Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat) is constructed of aircraft aluminum and contains fully multi-coated 22mm lenses.  It uses digital button controls for brightness and power, and had screwdriver-click windage and elevation adjustments.

Best Feature: The Vortex will automatically shut off after six hours of use, but will return to the last intensity setting when turned back on.

Worst Feature: The narrow field of view can make it tough to find the target in a quick manner. 

Zeiss Victory Compact Point

Mounted weight with batteries: 2.5 ounces

Overall length: 2 1/4"

Power: 1.05X

Size of dot(s)/shape: 3.5-MOA dot

Dot Color: Red

Overview: This Zeiss Victory contains a 23x16mm sight window with a weatherproof protective coating.  It contains an automatic shutoff.  The digital on-off button is located on the front and can be used to adjust for five levels of brightness with individual presses.  An indexed key for elevation and windage is included in the package.

Best Feature: Similar to the Leupold mentioned above, the Zeiss is small enough that you can mount it to a pistol without overloading it.

Worst Feature: The plastic battery compartment cover has slots that can easily be "stripped out" when turned by a screwdriver.  Metal would've been a better option.

Nikon Monarch Dot Sight VSD
Nikon Monarch Dot Sight VSD | Source


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    • profile image

      RoadRanger 3 years ago

      I have not used a dot sight yet, though it was recommended. Thank you for this information.

    • Pitviper_actual profile image

      Pitviper_actual 6 years ago from South Carolina

      Very useful hub thanks for posting.