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5 Accessories to Buy With a Survival Bracelet

Updated on February 22, 2017
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When the worse comes to the worst, having some essential survival tools can help you navigate through the hard times. For many people, a survival bracelet is a must have tool for anyone who is expecting to go on an expedition in the wild. But there isn't always an assurance that your trusted survival bracelet will always be fit to save the situation. It's important to have a few other accessories to supplement the bracelet and give you some peace of mind.

In this guide, we explore 5 accessories that you should buy with a survival bracelet. Read on.

The 5 Accessories to Buy with a Survival Bracelet.

1. Emergency survival blankets

Keeping your body warm in times of emergency is essential for your survival. A survival blanket helps keep your body protected from cold and ultimately safeguards your health. Survival blankets are often light in weight as they are made of a thin material and also have enough space to accommodate a number of people. In essence, a survival blanket is second most important thing you should of buying after a survival bracelet.

2. A compass

A compass and some skills to navigate through the wild are tools that literally save your life. A compass ranks on top of other devices that have maps installed since they are likely to go off when their charge gets depleted. With a compass, you can easily find your way out of a dead end alley and have your life saved.

Important components to check in a compass include:

~ The health of the Clinometer

~Declination adjustment

~Sighting mirror

~ A Global needle

3. Flash light

It's no brainer that a flash light is a must for anyone who is expected to spend a few days in the wild. It can help you navigate through dark alleys besides other everyday uses.

4. A multi-functional folding knife.

You can use this knife for a range of activities right from foraging for food, self dependence and sharpening wood pieces to secure a tent.

5. Water container

When it comes to survive in the wilderness, keeping your body hydrated is essential your health and survival. That's why you should ensure you carry a water container in your outdoor sojourns to ensure you'll remain hydrated and safe.

Multi-functional Folding Knife

Courtesy: | Source

Tips to Keep Yourself Safe in an Emergency.

While occurrence of an accident or emergency situation is out of your control, how you conduct yourself during this time will have an impact of how come out of the situation. It's therefore important to keep check on the following safety guidelines so that you increase the chances of emerging out of the situation unscathed.

Keep your body warm.

Exposing yourself to the cold can expose your body to a flurry of diseases that can eventually weaken you and slim your chances of surviving the ordeal.

Minimize your movements.

Excess movements lead to loss of body fluid and this can lead to weaken of the body. Additionally, movements can open avenues of suffering injuries and even being attacked by wild animals.

Eat selectively.

In emergency situation, food is scarce. You may end up depleting the rationing that you had carried for your expedition. At such a time, taking wild products comes along as the next best option. It's however important to note that some wild fruits and foods can cause great harm to your body. Some can lead to diarrhea while others can lead stomach upsets. All these can lead to a complicated health situation.

Which accessory do you think is the most important from the list given above.

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Bottom Line

Adding a few accessories added to your hiking or camping back pack is a safety measure you can't afford to ignore. The tools mentioned here in do not only help support a survival bracelet but can also be sued where a survival bracelet are of little help.


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