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5 Best Survival Bracelets You can Buy Today.

Updated on February 2, 2017

If you have ever fund yourself in a do-or-die situation in the wild, you will agree that a survival bracelet is one of the tools you can do without. Besides helping you set up a shelter, a survival bracelet can also come in handy when searching for food as you can use it to make a simple trap or turn it to a fishing line.

That said, the ability of your bracelet to survive the harsh on largely dependent on its quality and adaptability. That's why you should only choose the best in the market. In this guide, we explore the top 5 survival bracelets that you can buy today.

What to Look out for in a Survival Bracelet

There's only a slight difference between a great survival bracelet and an ordinary bracelet that can give when exposed to small amounts of pressure. Here are tips to help you spot a reliable and durable bracelet.

Structural make.

The key structural difference between an original and reliable survival bracelet and a fake is that originals feature inner cords that make the bracelet very strong while copycats only have a mass of cotton like materials which makes the bracelet weak.


The length of a survival bracelet is dependent on the weaves used in constructing the bracelet. Ascertain that the bracelet that you aim to buy offers enough cord length.


A true survival bracelet clasps should not unfold with ease. It should remain intact even when moderate force is applied.

Survival Bracelets can be used to make traps
Survival Bracelets can be used to make traps | Source

The 5 Survival Bracelets You can Buy Today.

1. 3-Pack Mythic Outdoors Paracord Survival Bracelet

This is certainly of the best survival bracelet kits on offer in the market today. To start with, the bracelet is comprised of 15 survival kit and tools. These include a fire starter, tools to help build a shelter and even tools to help go fishing.

2. Paracord 550 Survival Bracelet By Fitdom.

This survival bracelet ticks when it comes to strength, durability, mildew resistance and flexibility. It also comes with a versatile P51 can opener and a fire igniting tool.


This bracelet is constructed from a 12 feet of high-strength paracord and this makes it a versatile tool for any hiker and nature explorers. As a bonus, the bracelet also comes with a whistle which is required in any outdoor emergency situations.

4. The Friendly Swede Adjustable Paracord Bracelet.

This bracelet comes with a massive paracord that reaches about 17.5 ft when disassembled. Beyond this, the bracelet also includes a knife and scraper making it the ideal jungle survival tool. This is not to forget that the bracelet also has a fire starter.

5. Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet

Has a 12 feet Paracord and measures 1.5 Inches overall length. It also features an attached whistle. It's easy to adjust and use even in emergency situation.

How to Use a Bracelet to Light Fire.

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Wrapping it up

A survival bracelet is an important tool for any outdoor enthusiast. The fact that there are hundreds of bracelet knock-offs makes paramount that you do some background research on the selling points to check out in your preferred bracelet. This guide is a good starting point.


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      Most welcome juneaukid

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      A fascinating hub! I enjoyed reading this.


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