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5 Classic Hockey Jerseys

Updated on July 10, 2009

Hockey jerseys are some of the most iconic sports memorabilia pieces out there in the world today. These jerseys aren’t just the uniforms the players wear to distinguish between teams while they skate, they are more like representational symbols for the regions, people, and history involved with the team. Not only do they serve a practical purpose but they can also be viewed as a piece of art.

Today, I thought I would tell you a little bit about five classic NHL hockey jerseys. These teams jerseys are classic because of both the teams the represent and also the fan base they have developed. In no particular order here are the top five classic hockey jerseys in my opinion:

Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Jerseys

The Penguins hockey jerseys are classic now because they just won the Stanley Cup and dethroned the great hockey town team of Detroit. Great veteran players like Mario Lemeux and Jarimir Jagr have worn these jerseys and now fresh blooded finesse players like Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are putting them on over their gear as they step out onto the ice to wow the crowds. The jersey isn’t full of frills and it is pretty plain but it is classic today because of the team that wears it.

team canada hockey jerseys logo
team canada hockey jerseys logo

Team Canada Hockey Jerseys

Team Canada’s ice hockey jerseys have come to represent an entire nation of people who live and breathe the great sport of hockey. The Canadians are true blooded hockey fans and always will be until the day the world crumbles and whenever their team comes out on to the ice in the Olympics they are a force to be reckoned with. Their jerseys are classic because they are simply modifications of the Canadian flag which coincidentally was designed after the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadien’s original hockey jerseys.

Boston Bruins Hockey Jerseys

The Bruins may have made the list because I live in Boston, and they may have made the list because they have been my favorite team since birth, but really they are on this list because their jerseys have been prominent since the beginning of the National Hockey League. They were one of the original six and they have stuck it out. Great players like Bobby Orr and Cam Neely have worn these authentic hockey jerseys and the team gets better every year.

montreal canadiens hockey jerseys
montreal canadiens hockey jerseys

Montreal Canadiens Hockey Jerseys

Another hockey jersey coming out of the original six NHL teams is the Montreal Canadiens hockey jersey. These jerseys make my list not only because they have been worn by some of the greatest hockey players in the known universe like Patrick Roy, Guy LaFleur, and Gump Worsely but because of the die hard fan base this team has. You’ll never find more dedicated fans than the Montreal Canadien fans. They watch hockey only because this team exists and they would bleed Canadien’s colors even if the human race biologically bled green and blue blood.

detroit red wings hockey jerseys
detroit red wings hockey jerseys

Detroit Red Wings Hockey Jerseys

The Detroit Red Wings are possibly the best team in the NHL right now and they have been for the past several years. Their city is nicknamed Hockey Town for a reason and the Winged Wheel has become synonymous with the sport. You can see the Detroit Red Wings hockey jersey being worn on fans in every state and every province and they aren’t going to die down any time soon. Great players and a great franchise and a simple and iconic design make for a classic hockey jersey.

Other Classic Hockey Jerseys?

Well, now you know what some of the hockey jerseys are that I think are classic. What hockey jerseys do you think should make a classic hockey jerseys list and why? Do you own any signed hockey jerseys that could possibly make this list because of the players who signed them?

Let me know what you think, sports memorabilia only holds any weight when a bunch of people agree on the significance of it.


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    • profile image

      Ram 3 years ago

      I bought one pair of Pearl Izumi short lirens for about $60 on sale at EMI Sports. I wash them every night in the sink and they are dry the next morning. The short lirens are great I wear them under gym shorts, running shorts, even a light summer skirt if I'm biking to work. Along with one cycling vest and a pair of gloves from Giant, that's all I've bought for the past month's rides.

    • RyneFar56 profile image

      RyneFar56 7 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      Can't go wrong with The Whale, Nordiques, or the old Canucks jerseys (1990s)

    • profile image

      Hockey! 7 years ago

      Canucks yes! The canucks... you should add it.

    • profile image

      kenton1991 7 years ago

      Very Nice, you should add the canucks, not because im from van or anything, good hub tho!

    • Skinnzz profile image

      Skinnzz 8 years ago from kitchener

      I think the Blackhawks should be #1

    • kingis profile image

      Patrick King 8 years ago from Springfield, IL

      I think the Blackhawks have a classic sweater. Also, what about the Toronto Maple Leafs, especially older style of the Maple Leaf. The New York Rangers should be put in the mix too.

    • profile image

      Hockey Jerseys 8 years ago

      Where are the Blackhawks in all of this??

    • mproctor profile image

      mproctor 8 years ago from Boston, MA

      Which one would you like to add?

    • Greek One profile image

      Greek One 8 years ago

      Forgot one?!?!!?!?!!??

      (i'm a tad bit biased)