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5 Common Factors That Can Influence Your Athletic Ability

Updated on April 14, 2015

Sporting Performance

Athletes are trained to be physically and mentally strong to handle challenges, task and pressures that come with playing their respective sports. Pressure, physical and mental challenges is in the nature of every sport and in order to achieve a winning game, athletes must have focus on his goal as an individual athlete or as a part of a team. In every sport and even in the world of fantasy sports league mental and physical strength has been the measurement of an athlete’s performance.

The mental and physical strength of a player can be affected by several factors. Take a look on these factors that can affect the mental and physical strength of an athlete.


Genes has a unique way of shaping a person in many aspects of life and that includes how a person can excel in sports. Genes can primarily affect one’s performance because of the body build up and cardiovascular health. Your performance in sports can be influence by muscle size, flexibility and muscle composition. Particularly in hard physical sports like boxing, MMA, wrestling and weight-lifting where players are categorized according to weight, height and muscle strength.

Another inherited factor that can affect sports performance is the cardiovascular endurance or the capacity of the heart to transport blood in the body which delivers oxygen. You are aware how some people are limited to play sports because their heart cannot sustain the oxygen needed by the body. And why do some people have this disability? If you look further into it, it somehow boils down to genetics.


Coaches are the direct influence of a player when it comes to his mindset and performance. Encouragement and ethics in playing sports are influence mainly by the coaches.

  • Encouragement. Gone are the days where coaches push their players too hard for maximum performance. Nowadays, it is all about positive coaching. Coaches who create a positive environment of training which is rich in encouragement are more likely to achieve successful coaching which can lead to a winning game.
  • Ethics. Coaches does not only train an athlete about the skills and strategy of the game but coaches are also the one that is responsible in training his athlete the moral and ethical conduct during the game. Coaches build a unique relationship with its athletes and the coach’ attitude towards the game, whether good or bad, can also influence the ethical attitude of an athlete.


The physical training of a person in his sport can greatly affect its performance. That’s a cliché but it is true. The main reason athletes undergo rigorous training is to improve performance. If you have genetic limitations in a certain sports, training helps you improve yourself and eventually surpass genetic limitations. Athletes need training to stay ahead of the completion and the more rigorous your training is the bigger the opportunity for you to win.

Personal Attitude

The attitude of a player can affect his performance in sports. But how? The attitude of an athlete can affect how he handles pressure, criticisms and losses. It can also affect his determination and will to win. An athlete with positive attitude can lose several times but it won’t lose his hope to win and will try to try until he succeeds. While an athlete with negative attitude may lose only once but he loses his hope and may go into depression because he thinks his career is over. That’s how attitude can affect an athlete. It can influence his confidence to himself and worse a negative attitude can cost him his career in sports.

Lifestyle Factors

The way the athlete live his or her life can have a great impact his performance in sports. It can bring huge impact in their health and their ability to perform the task in their full potential. Here are some lifestyle habits that can bring negative effect in your performance.

  • Stress. Don’t let stress get into you. Although some studies have shown that stress can also bring positive effects in performance, most of the time it doesn’t. Stress can trigger body response in releasing adrenaline. Too much adrenaline can cause lack of control which can result to mistakes while too little adrenaline can cause lack of energy to perform well.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol can cause you to reduce your efficiency in your sports. It can slow down reaction time, reduce endurance and can increase body heat loss.
  • Diet. Different sports require different kinds of diet. This is the reason why every sport has a customized diet guideline to follow. This is to make sure that the body can get all the required nutrients to perform well. Choosing the wrong types of food can lead to lack of energy to perform and it can decrease sporting performance.

Success In Sports

A good sports performance in sports does not rely on one factor alone. You need to consider other essential factors to maximize your sporting performance which can lead to your success in sports where you are involved


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