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5 Everyday Uses of a Survival Paracord Bracelet

Updated on February 8, 2017
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You will agree that a survival bracelet is one of the most important tool for outdoor enthusiast. After all, it can be used as a fishing line, to steady a tent and even to navigate through cliffs. But do you know you can use a survival bracelet for everyday activities as well?

Well, this guide explores 5 common uses of a survival bracelet and which can help you accomplish everyday tasks with ease. Read on.

Structure of a survival bracelet.

A survival bracelet is comprised of a braided nylon sheath that is of sturdy make so that it can withstand maximum stress.

Use Survival Bracelet as a Boot Lace


The 5 common uses of survival bracelet.

1. Securing the net to tourniquets.

A survival bracelet can used to make knots that are then used to secure a tent in place. To do this, the bracelet is wound to individual strands that are used to secure the corners of the net.

2. Securing items on a vehicle rack.

You can tie the bracelet strands into one long strand that you can then use as a rope to fasten items on the rack of the car.

3. Mend gear.

4. As a boot lace

If your hiking boot laces get lost or destroyed, bracelet are an ideal replacement. Separate the bracelet into individual strands that you can then use them as your boot laces.

5. Attaching objects and equipment to harnesses.

Precautionary measures when using a survival bracelet.

1. Separate it into individual strands so that you can use each of the strands in a given area. You will also get a larger length this way.

2. Burn the ends of the bracelet to stick the strands together and prevent fraying. This way, your bracelet strands will be easy to fix on the holes of your boot.

Here is a Bracelet Survival Challenge

Have you used a survival bracelet in any of the ways outlined above?

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Final word

As they say, there are many ways to skinning a cat. Don't leave your survival bracelets to lie idle in the stores while they could have helped in everyday undertakings. The fact that survival bracelets are made of a sturdy material means that you can use them in various ways without worry of running them down.


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