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5 Funny Stanley Cup Stories in Hockey History (Part 2)

Updated on January 31, 2018

More Great Stories about the Stanley Cup

Here is part 2 of a collection of funny stories about the Stanley Cup, highlighting five more entertaining stories about hockey players' experiences with the trophy.

After reading, please remember to cast your vote at the bottom of the article for your favorite story about the Cup. You can also leave a comment to get in on the discussion with other hockey fans.

Stanley Cup champion Mike Ricci as a member of the Colorado Avalanche
Stanley Cup champion Mike Ricci as a member of the Colorado Avalanche | Source

Magic Birth

The Stanley Cup has been known to have mystical powers and has granted good fortune to people who have ever had the opportunity to kiss the trophy with their lips.

One of the most incredible stories, indicating these magical powers, happened when the Colorado Avalanche won their first championship after being relocated to Denver from Quebec City.

In the summer of 1997, Mike Ricci had the Cup at his cottage to celebrate the achievement with his wife, friends and family. They were taking photos with the trophy and his wife, in her early 40s, kissed the Cup. The couple had been trying to conceive for some time and they had nearly given up on the thought of having children.

However, the night the cup was kissed, it changed their luck for the better. Two weeks later, amazingly surprised and overjoyed, they had discovered that she was pregnant.

Nine months later she gave birth to their son -- Stanley.

Nasty Stories

The Cup has also been through a number of nasty incidents that may have you think twice about kissing it for good fortune. Carrying on with the Cup’s baby affiliations, throughout the trophy’s misadventures, several players have been known to put their newborn toddlers on top of it and take photos to commemorate their victories with their pride and joy.

In 2008, after the Detroit Red Wings won the championship, Kris Draper put his baby daughter in the Cup and she couldn’t hold her cookies. She dropped a few brown nuggets and took a leak inside of it.

Other notable mentions for dirtying up the cup include: using it for a stripper’s lap dance, a horse’s dinner bowl, a dog dish, and a minnow bucket.

After reading about all of the unsanitary situations it has been through, we may want to think twice about kissing the “lucky” holy grail of hockey.

Swimming Pools

Soon after the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup in 1991, hockey legend and team captain Mario Lemieux held a celebration party at his house.

To test whether or not the trophy would float, teammate Phil Bourque wanted to put it to the test in Mario’s big backyard pool. After dropping the Cup in the water, it sunk to the bottom in a matter of seconds. Later that night, the people at the party discovered that there was a loose screw rattling around on the inside.

Apparently, while fixing the trophy, Phil had etched his name on the inside along with the team’s name and the year they won the championship.

There have also been other pool incidents with the Cup; notably when Guy Carbonneau dunked and dented it in Patrick Roy’s pool when the Montreal Canadiens went the distance a few years later in 1993.

The Stanley Cup
The Stanley Cup | Source

Food Bowl

Another common tradition that several players have reignited after being crowned Stanley Cup champions is eating food and consuming beverages out of the upper bowl. It has been used to consume much more than just champagne and booze over the years as well. The list on the menu is quite long, but there are a few recommended dishes that make it to the highlight reel.

Brian Noonan and Nick Kypreos stuffed it with oysters when they won the Cup with the New York Rangers in 1994.

It was used as a chocolate pudding and ice cream bowl by Claude Lemieux on The Howard Stern Show when the New Jersey Devils won in 1995.

Doug Weight ate a chocolate sundae out of it in 2006 as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes.

In 2013, the food escapades continued when Chicago Blackhawks winger Marian Hossa took the Stanley Cup to his hometown in Slovakia to eat his pierogi dinner in style with the shiny silverware.

Movie Appearances

The last bizarre adventures of the Stanley Cup took part on the Silver Screen or in a television studio. The Cup has played starring roles in a number of films, movies and popular TV dramas over the past few decades.

It appeared in the soap opera Guiding Light and in the courtroom drama Boston Legal starring Canadian-born actor William Shatner. In the episode, the former captain of the Starship Enterprise had knocked the Cup off of a balcony in one of the scenes.

It also made guest appearances on other popular dramas on NBC, such as 30 Rock and Chicago Fire.

One of the most memorable scenes featuring the Stanley Cup was in the film One Week when actor Joshua Jackson kisses the Cup to see if it would bring his character any luck fighting off cancer. Towards the end of the film, the character discovers that his cancer has been miraculously cured.

The Stanley Cup’s mystical powers certainly do transcend the gap between fiction on the big screen and the miracles of life.

For more wacky stories about the Stanley Cup, check out Part 1 of the 5 Funny Stanley Cup Stories in Hockey History if you missed it. Remember to cast your vote for your favorite story about the Cup below.

The Stanley Cup on the Silver Screen
The Stanley Cup on the Silver Screen | Source

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