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5 Health Benefits Of Playing Tennis

Updated on March 26, 2013

Playing tennis, or any sport for that matter, has its own benefits. We all agree to that since it has been shown and proven in researches and studies that every time we are engaged in a specific game, our physical and mental attributes improve tremendously.
Playing tennis is just one of the many sports that people nowadays have been enjoying. From rookies to experts, tennis has been dubbed as the sport of a lifetime since majority of players would maintain this hobby once they get hooked. In fact, playing tennis on a regular basis produces physical, physiologic and psychological benefits.

Physical benefits of playing tennis include:

1. Burns calories and helps in lowering blood pressure – research showed that playing three hours of moderate aerobic exercises can help in preventing any heart disease by 50%. This is even better than weightlifting or bowling. Tennis can drop your calorie count with an average of 420 calories just by playing singles and 425 calories in doubles. It can also help in lowering blood pressure since the enhancement of blood flowing through our heart is regularly activated. The result is you’ll have a much healthier heart and a much possible prolonged life.

2. Muscle toning and prevention of osteoporosis – since tennis is an all-out-sport, expect that every limb of the body is coordinated. From toes to our hands, tennis helps the body to move a lot more. In this sport, your muscles in the hind legs, biceps, and hamstring are all toned out and shaped. It enhances flexibility especially in the hips and shoulder segments of your body. It fights gradual bone loss too, building strong and denser young bones.

Mental benefits of tennis:

3. In playing tennis, critical thinking is improved. Mental alertness and tactical thinking are also actively addressed. Our reflexes are developed hugely making us actively alert. Remember that the brain, just like muscles, needs exercise as well!
Psychological benefits of tennis:

4. Just like in any other sport, you could develop sportsmanship and positive sport skills in playing tennis. It has also been shown that tennis is a stress reliever. It combats against depression, anxiety and even anger and confusion – the bad vibes! So keep playing tennis for a better lifestyle.

5. Enthusiasm, optimism and improvement in self-esteem are some of the constructive attitudes that could be achieved just by playing tennis.

As far as any sport is concerned, it can actually send you to a level where you can be at your healthiest, especially if you get yourself involved intensely and regularly. Depending on how much time you can allocate each week, your body can get used to it, making your metabolism highly working in your favor.

The only downside of playing tennis:

The only downside of playing tennis is you’re dependent on someone to play with. Unlike running, bowling, swimming or biking, you would need at least one of your friends or family members to be there at the clay or grass. For some of those who used to play tennis, losing a buddy to play with for whatever reason can be an eventual cause of the game’s decline.


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