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Sports and Recreation: Volunteering at 5 K Runs: I'm Volunteering for a Reason

Updated on December 28, 2015

Me and My Two Kids

2014 Run or Dye Color Run
2014 Run or Dye Color Run | Source

Mom. Can You Come Watch Us?

Last year, there was the Run or Dye run in Harriet Island, Minnesota. Harriet Island is a picturesque little part of the Twin Cities that was an actual Island in between some rivers. There are parks and trails.

Last year, my daughter asked me to 'come watch'. Well. I was curious, so I popped onto my computer and looked at their webpage. I was trying to determine where would be a good place to park so I could watch them.

Well. To make a long story short... there was this little blurb on the webpage about volunteering....

Volunteer? Me?

Well. Okay. If I volunteer, that means that I can get right in the action, I don't have to run. I can be nosy and be in the hubbub and hand out water to runners.

One of my other choices was to throw dye at the runners.

Well. I was glad that I didn't do that. It was windy. The dye was dry and stuck to everything. I stayed somewhat clean.

Well. This Year...

Okay. So. Last month, my daughter called me and said that there was another run. She also told me that they had been so relieved to have someone there that they knew... me.. that they wanted to know if I'd come and watch them run this year.

You don't have to volunteer. Just come watch us, she says.

Will you do it? Are you going to be there... maybe?

Well. I... Well. Okay.

My mind was a blur. I had a family reunion that I was hosting on the 11th. This run was on the 12th.

Mentally, I calculated how much time I'd need to drive up. They generally go up the night before and stay in a hotel so they don't have to rush in the morning.

So. Again, I'm online looking up details on where it is and where to park. The race seems to start in one point and ends somewhere else. Hmmm! How am I going to be in two places at once?

The Color Run - St Paul

Okay. The run is being held in the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Let's see. Check in. Get packages if you're a runner. Blah, blah, blah... if you don't want to run, get involved by volunteering.

Oh. [My hand and mouse hover over the information]

Volunteers Get a Shirt

I get a shirt for volunteering. I get an email that tells me where to go. I think I get to hand out water again.

Last year, I got there and was assigned a parking lot to wave people into and make sure they parked nice.

Then, I handed out water to runners. That amounted to chatting and watch the events from a slight distance and opening packages of water and setting them on a table for runners to grab.

How About You

Do you volunteer for activities so you can watch your kids do stuff?

See results

Harriet Island Run or Dye 2014


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    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 2 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      It's great to be a part of such events, volunteering to them. It gives a good satisfaction to you also besides boosting the morale of the real participants in the Run.