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5 MMA Super Fights Everyone Wants

Updated on January 12, 2013

The term 'Super Fight" has come to use more frequently over the past few years. Generally thrown around when fans clamor for top competitors to go head-to-head against each other.

The only thing about super fights however is rarely do they come to light. They should be labeled as "dream fights" instead because that is simply what they are, a dream.

It's puzzling since most companies and promoters should be doing everything within their power to make certain these fights become a reality. You would think they would make their fighters do whatever since there is so much money to be made off these potiental bouts. Of course the fighters aren't innocent in all this either. It's always an excuse of someone saying they have to face this person first, or wait for this, and that, etc.

There are at least five great fights that MMA fans would love to see before the interest of it goes to waste like the Manny Pacquiao vs Flyod Mayweather super fight did in boxing. A defining fight that some may still want to see, but it will never be what it could have been two or three years ago now, especially with Pac-man's most recent K.O. lost to Juan Manuel Márquez. This is proof that fights the fans want to see should be made while the interest and investment is still there.

So here they are, the top 5 Super Fights most MMA fans would love to see, and will always be dreaming of. This list of consist of fights that may still be able happen now and not past super fights that have now become certain dream fights(ea. Randy Couture vs Fedor Emelianenko).

#5. Jon Jones vs Any Top 5 Heavyweight

Current Light-Heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been on a role lately over the past two years. Capturing the title and defending it four successful times so far. That's only two behind the division record of six, held by Tito Ortiz still. If he reaches that goal and surpasses it, then we may see Jones leave the division and move up to fight some of the big dogs of the heavyweight class.

With his size and reach advantage it will be interesting to what he can do against the likes of Junior Dos Santos and Allstair Overeem. It may not be too well since Jones would be considered a small heavyweight. Thing is, as he gets older the cut to 205lbs won't be so easy and will have to move up.

I for one can't wait to see how Jones deals with the striking ability of Overeem and "Cigano". Can you imagine him even dealing with the wrestling ferocity of Cain Valazquez pedigree? Jones has said it's a matter of time before he does move up in wait so eventually we will see it.

Chances of happening: 80%."( within 2 years)

#4 Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar

This fight is definitely one of newest super fights as of late, and most of all it's scheduled to happen. It failed to happen back in October 2012 due to an injury on Jose Aldo part, but is not scheduled to happen at UFC 156 in February.

Aldo is the current UFC Featherweight champion with three successful title defenses since joining the UFC. He definitely has the division in check with no real threats to his title at this time.That was before Edgar chose to move down to the 145lb division. This fight is a must need for the weight class to give it the star power it needs to help showcase this great division.

Edgar was on top of the lightweight division for sometime before losing his strap to Ben Henderson by slit decision, and in their rematch. The super fight between Aldo and Edgar would've had more incentive to it had 'The Answer" reclaimed his title to make it a champion vs champion match. It would have be nice to wonder whose title would even be up for grabs. Aldo can make 155lbs and Edgar can make the 145lbs. It definitely would have been interesting if there could have been a catch weight match with both titles on the line, and winner take all. That won't be the case now however.

Edgar will get his shot at Aldo in February and it should make for an interesting bout. Most however have Aldo taking this one by a land slide, but that would be a mistake seeing what he did to BJ Penn when he was on top, and for the simple fact it wouldn't be much of a super-fight if the other person didn't oppose some kind of a threat to the other.

This fight is of course the closest one to happening on the list at the moment. So maybe not so much a dream fight but a super fight that both fighters do want. No excuses to hold this bout back here except maybe another injury could happening again.

Chances of fight happening: 99%


#3 George St-Pierre vs Nick Diaz

This clash of welterweight kings nearly happen back in October 2011, when former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz was jumping ship back to the UFC after Zuffa purchased StrikeForce.

It was all coming together untill Diaz was pulled from the fight for missing a few press conferences. Then that's when it all gets interesting. GSP was to face Condit on the same event but gets injured, then Diaz beats BJ Penn to earn his right back at another shot. St-Pierre once again gets injured and is out for an even longer time. Condit and Diaz face off for a interim-belt, Diaz loses by split decision. GSP finally makes his return and undisputed the welterweight title again by beating Condit by unanimous decision. That sums it up a bit.

Now to the present, Nick Diaz is coming of a year long suspension due to a post-fight drug test. The stars seemed to be aligned now for this one to finally happen. GSP says he has unfinished business with Diaz and requested a fight with him instead of taking on a super-fight with Anderson Silva, and passing up #1 contender Johnny Hendricks in the process.

The bout it scheduled for March with the welterweight title on the line and one just hopes that Diaz shows up for the press conferences to help promote this fight, and that GSP will stay healthy and injury free. It's time to see who is the best welterweight in the world folks and quite frankly it's about time. Will it be GSP's intuitive and precise execution of his game-plan come out on top, or will it be Diaz pressure fighting and peppering boxing shots to dethrone the champion from the top.

It's still up in the air really, due to Diaz lack of wanting to do press conferences and news that Dana White saying he won't respond to his calls or text.

Chances of this fight happening: 85%

#2 Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones

I know this is the fight that most mma fans want to see, because of the unstoppable roll Jon Jones is on with the hype behind it, and the fact that Silva is the best out there fighting in Jones weight class and completely destroyed his competition when he has. It's still not #1 out there for several reasons though in my opinion.

This is definitely one to see however, the older skilled lion defending his kingdom against the new hungry lion who is perhaps destined to take over the kingdom. Not if Silva has anything to say about it and with his new 10 fight contract with the UFC we will at some point see this fight on paper. This comes a good news since both fighters have changed their tune on fighting each other. Jones has said, that if Silva steps up and challenges him then he will not run, and Silva has said he will fight Jones for half of the UFC. That's a bit much, but is it really worth thinking about how much this bout will generate in buys at the live gate and PPV. More then likely a joke but Silva seems to want to top his career off with the best fights left for him. This just happens to be one of them for sure.

The only thing really holding this fight back is the fact that bother fighters know that unquestionably that between the two, they're the only one out there that could possibly beat them is each other.

On paper this a great match up. Will Jones be able to use his record reach against Silva and take him down and proceed to throw bombing elbows, or will Silva do what he does best and make a highlight reel finisher on Jones for the win? Jones has great striking, but Silva is light years ahead of Jones in that department. Only advantage Jones has on the feet is the reach, on the ground that may go to Jones because of his size, strength, and good wrestling.

Silva is no slouch on the ground himself. He has been beating up on the ground before and come out on top by utilizing his Brazilian Ju-Jitsu to submit the likes of Chael Sonnen, and Olympian wrestler Dan Henderson. Both who have greater wrestling pedigrees then Jones in my opinion.

There shouldn't be anything holding this bout back from happening, but again excuses will fly to make this super fight a dream fight , for now. When it does happen it will be for the keys to the UFC kingdom on the line.

Chances of happening: 45%

#1 Anderson Silva vs Georges St-Pierre

This is MMA's super-fight comparison to Manny Pacquaio vs Floyd Mayweather in boxing, with both really being a dream fight.

The UFC Middleweight and Welterweight champion have dominated their division for years and that's why this super-fight is at the top of the heap alone. Both men have set records in their divisions and each time it seems they have a worthy challenger to dethrone them, the champ sends them packing and to the back of the contender line or in some cases another weight class.

Silva is the most technically sound and dominate striker in mma today, with a black-belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitu to back it up with. He holds the record for the most title defenses(10) in the UFC as well the longest win streak(16) to date that stretches back to his debut with the company in 2006. This alone makes Silva the pound-4-pound king in the sport today.

GSP to his credit, is the most well-rounded fighter in the sport today. He is the most well prepared and intuitive fighter when it comes to executing a game-plan against an opponent. He finds someones weakness and exploits it to the fullest. Arguably the best ground-and-pound in the sport, with great wrestling,striking, and Ju-Jitsu packed into his arsenal.

Some argue that GSP is the pound-4-pound best in the world or at least #2 man in the sport behind Silva. This fight has been in talks for years and we all thought it was going to happen soon, now that Silva had his eyes set on a fight with GSP upon his return. All GSP had to do was make his title undisputed against Carlos Condit and it was a done deal,WRONG!

GSP seems not be too interested in the fight, even though he says he does. He says it's a matter of weight stating that he would move up to 185lbs to stay, then it was at a catch weight, and now it's Silva must come to 170lbs for the fight to happen. It would be easier if St-Pierre just said he doesn't want the fight at all so we can all move on and just know he wants no parts of "The Spider". I think Silva would actually have to trash talk GSP into the fight for it to happen, and that's more then likely not going to happen giving the fact that Silva is too much of a nice guy.

GSP said he's not ready just yet and will take the fight when it makes sense to him in his career. Well let's hope that's soon or the lucrative attraction will be out the window if one of them happens to lose. Such was the case with Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather when Pacquaio lost his two previous bouts. Millions upon millions went soaring out the window. Lets hope that won't be the case with St-Pierre vs Silva.

Chances of happening: 25%

So there you have it folks, the top 5 super/dream fights that the mma masses are craving, for now. Two of them are scheduled this year in #3 and #4, with # 5 possible within a year or two, and #1 and #2 are more of dream fight then any of the fights on this list. More reason for fans to want them to happen now. Make it so, while the masses are willing to cash out for them.

What 'Super Fight" do MMA fans want most?

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