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3 NBA Trade Deadline Deals That SHOULD Happen But Won't

Updated on February 18, 2013

It happens every year. The rumors. The speculation. It builds and builds, and the names mentioned get bigger and bigger until that trade deadline rolls around. And inevitably - with a few very notable exceptions - it all turns out to be hot air.

With Rudy Gay being sent from Memphis to Toronto, we've probably already seen this season's biggest deal go down. But hey, I can dream, can't I?

With so many teams right on the brink of contention, and so many teams who should just blow it up and start over, I see a lot of potential in the 2013 trade deadline. Here are the deals I'd like to see go down.

L.A. Clippers get: C Al Jefferson
Utah Jazz get: SF Danny Granger, PG Eric Bledsoe, PF Tyler Hansborough
Indiana Pacers get: C DeAndre Jordan, PG Mo Williams, SG Kevin Murphy

The Clippers would put together the league's most dangerous frontcourt, with two legitimate 20-10 machines in Jefferson and Griffin. Pair that with the league's best PG in Chris Paul, and arguably the league's deepest roster, and you have a legitimate title contender.

As it stands, the Jazz have an absolute logjam in their frontcourt with Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter waiting to emerge. They have to choose between Jefferson and Paul Millsap by season's end; Millsap will be cheaper to resign, and has less miles on him. With their three big men, emerging star Eric Bledsoe running the point, and Danny Granger to carry the scoring load, the Jazz could have a bright future.

The Pacers are arguably the 2nd best team in the East, but depth is a glaring weakness for them. They don't seem to miss a beat when Granger isn't on the court, so why not deal him and pick up some elite bench guys like Mo Williams and DeAndre Jordan in the process?

Sacramento Kings get: SF Josh Smith
Atlanta Hawks get:
SG Tyreke Evans, C DeJuan Blair, SF Stephen Jackson
San Antonio Spurs get: SG Marcus Thornton

To say the Kings defense is absolutely terrible would be an understatement. They're at the bottom of the league in defensive efficiency, in desperate need of someone who can help them get stops on that end. Enter Josh Smith. Not only will he give them 18 a game on offense and help them crash the boards, he was recently named the league's top perimeter defender by ESPN.

At this point, the Hawks need to take what they can get for J-Smoove. They've been dangling him as trade bait for years, and if they don't deal him this time around there's a good chance he'll walk for nothing. Tyreke Evans is a bit of a gamble, but he could be a star in the right situation. The Kings are not the right situation. He's been slowly returning to his Rookie of the Year form, when he averaged 20-6-5. He could do it again if he escapes that toxic situation in Sacramento.

The Spurs 3 point shooting is their Achilles' heel. Marcus Thornton is a solid 3 point shooter and can score in bunches. Sometimes it's just that simple.

Brooklyn Nets get: PF Carlos Boozer
Chicago Bulls get: PF Kris Humphries, SG MarShon Brooks

The Nets need a PF who can grab boards, because Brook Lopez refuses to. Reggie Evans is not the answer. You're not winning anything with Reggie Evans in your starting lineup. Just not gonna happen. Boozer averages 10 boards a game for his career, and can be a major offensive contributor as well.

The Bulls have been trying to drop Boozer and his laughable max contract for a while now. This package from the Nets is a better option than the Booz-for-Bargs trade they've been discussing with the Raptors. Chicago achieves their goal of cutting costs; Humphries is still owed $24 million on his contract as opposted to Bargnani at $30 million and Boozer at $45 million. Brooks fills their need for a shooter, and he can score in bunches if given enough minutes.


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