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5 Reasons the Patriots Can Win the Super Bowl

Updated on December 21, 2013
What will it take for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl in New York?
What will it take for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl in New York? | Source


The New England Patriots have sustained a high amount of injuries to key players in 2013. While injuries are, of course, a part of the NFL and every team sustains them constantly, this season seems to have bitten the Patriots especially hard.

Despite their 10-4 record, and current second seeding in their conference, the Patriots have lost major contributors, key starters, and Pro Bowl caliber players on both sides of the ball for the year. Names include Jerod Mayo, Vince Wilfork, and Rob Gronkowski to name a few.

Worse, the Patriots have plenty of key players limping out there, such as Aquib Talib, their big signing this year at the WR position in Amendola, who is dealing with a groin, and most importantly their left tackle, Nate Solder, who both has a concussion problem the last couple weeks. It is Solder who may be the most important since he is the man most responsible for protecting the engine that is the New England offense in Tom Brady.

All of this has led to poor statistical showings in key categories on both sides of the ball. Specifically, not being able to stop people on third downs, and not being able to convert third downs or hit a good target in the red zone, are of key concern.

In short, there a a lot of reasons why people have been writing off the Patriots. However, here are 5 reasons why they can get to and win the Super Bowl.

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5 Reasons

#5 Competition One good thing going for the Patriots, that many have mentioned, is the level of competition in the AFC. There are no dominant teams.

Denver, once thought to be unstoppable by many, are banged up big time at key positions and have a terrible defense. Cincinnati, a team that had a great opportunity to go out and secure the #2 seed on the road last week after the Patriots and Denver lost, went out and choked against a team with 5 wins. Denver, also, lost to a team with 5 wins. Additionally, Denver has a horrific defense. Finally, Denver has Peyton Manning, a QB that has struggled in the post season, especially in cold weather.

Meanwhile, the Patriots went out and lost to their division rivals. The defending champs are a mess too, but are playing better of late. Next week will determine a lot when both teams meet.

The Dolphins are playing better of late, but have offensive line issues that cause Tannehill to have trouble at times.

In short, all the teams have issues, and serious ones. In other words, dominance, in the AFC, does not exist. The same is true of the NFC, if they were to make it to the Super Bowl.

#4 Toughness Wins The Patriots are definitely not going to be blowing many teams out this season. In fact, they have had several games that have been decided by 3 points or less. In those, tough, close, games, the Patriots hold a record of 6-1. They can just hang around and compete enough to have a chance to win in at the end. Because all teams are fairly evenly matched, this has proven successful in 2013.

#3 Coaching There is no better coach in the NFL. He is both one of the most successful coaches in NFL history, the longest tenured in the NFL currently, and when asked why some guys can do it and some guys can't, he said, "They made mistakes, but it was important tough to them to correct that, limit that, and go out and produce every week. Did they make mistakes, sure, but it was important enough to them to correct that and to stay above the line."

This is also true of Belichick, he has made a few mistakes over the years, but bottom line, overall, he has done things that no other coach in the history of the game have done. He always gives his guys a chance.

#2 Strong Running Back Group While it is true that this a pass happy NFL, wearing down defenses can still have a major impact on the game. This can help the passing game, still, in multiple ways. New England has a stable of solid runners with different skills that could prove valuable come January and February.

Ridley is s slashing runner, and although he has had turnover issues, he has also been put to the side and will be worked back in as the coaches see fit. Make no mistake though, he is talented.

Vereen is super dynamic. He can catch the ball well, something he said he learned when he got to the NFL. He also can run and bounce it outside, but also take it between the tackles occasionally if need be. He is a threat around the goal line.

Blount is the key during the post season. He is a big bruising back that has run well when given an opportunity. Come January, trying to tackle this guy, might prove difficult.

Boldin is a great pass catcher and runner on a limited basis. He shows flashes at times, when on the field.

All of the backs are averaging a solid per rush average. They are versatile from bruisers, to slashers, to backs with great hands. During the post season, all it takes is one big run in a tight game to swing momentum. We have seen this in New England in post season runs past.

#1 Tom Brady As long as #12 is under center, the Patriots always have a chance to win. He has had countless NFL comebacks, some of which have occurred this season. He has championship experience, having won the most playoff games in NFL history. He has won multiple AFC titles and Super Bowls. As long as he is upright and there is time on the clock, the Patriots have a chance to win a championship.

For all of these reasons, the Patriots could get to and win the Super Bowl in New York in February, 2014.


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