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5 Superstars That Must Return to WWE

Updated on May 1, 2012

Keep the New, Bring Back Some Old

The WWE has several superstars that are supremely talented and will most certainly be molded into future legends. These individuals, including Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, and Cody Rhodes, will one day join the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mr. Perfect, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. It is therefore important for the WWE to hold on to these talents and continue to give them the push they rightfully deserve. That being said, however, these up-and-comers just don’t seem to be enough to get the job completely done right now. There are a few established icons currently involved with the WWE at this time, such as John Cena, Randy Orton, and Big Show. The problem is that they are becoming somewhat tedious at times. They often wrestle the same people repeatedly and simply seem to be worn into the ground. Don’t get me wrong, however, as I do admire these superstars and believe they belong right where they’re at. There just seems to be a need for a few other familiar faces, a few former WWE talents that slipped away. I believe there are five such individuals: Shawn Michaels, Bill Goldberg, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Allow me to break down the reasons these particular men are the elite quintet that the WWE needs in their current product

The Showstopper
The Showstopper | Source

Shawn Michaels

Yes it is so that HBK was forced to retire and, “honorably”, he must abide to his part of the deal and remain as such. There is, however, something WWE fans would rather see Michaels do besides keep his part of the deal between he and The Undertaker, and that’s do the exact opposite and make his return to the squared circle! Now I don’t know what the personal or physical status of his life is right now, but as far as I know hecanstill physically compete. When I think of wrestlers who I’ve seen get the biggest pop from the crowd, The Heartbreak Kid is one of the first that comes to mind. He is a longtime fan favorite. He is entertaining, unpredictable and, most importantly, always brings a rare element of excitement into the atmosphere. All this being said, one final comeback for HBK should be a reality.

The Charismatic Enigma
The Charismatic Enigma | Source

Jeff Hardy

Perhaps the individual I feel is most in need by the WWE is the “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy. Much like Shawn Michaels, Hardy is one of those stars that receive an almost deafening ovation from the crowd. That’s because they love him, and fans are drawn to who and what they love. Most importantly, he bonds with the fans because they see him as someone much like themselves. He is a daredevil yet also humble. That being the case, the high-flying Hardy would be a huge asset to the company’s continuing success. I, for one, was always ready for a Jeff Hardy match, no matter who he was facing. The stunt master is not presently a part of the WWE product for a couple of reasons. First, he is currently under contract with TNA, and when that contract expires I have no knowledge. Second, Jeff often violated the WWE’s drug policies, leading the two entities to simply not mesh. Regardless of these facts, I believe it would be outstanding for Jeff to return to WWE once his TNA contract expires. As for the WWE itself, it should find a better way to work with Jeff for the sake of the fans. I do not condone the use of drugs by athletes of any kind, but I feel that Jeff should be given another chance. Jeff should also do his part and not violate those policies.

The High-Flying RVD
The High-Flying RVD | Source

Rob Van Dam

A third Superstar that should make his way back to the WWE is Rob Van Dam. His style is unprecedented and his legacy is firmly cemented. RVD has also always been a fan favorite, which is the single most important quality in this business. It was rumored that RVD's contract with TNA would expire in March and Van Dam would be returning to the WWE. Though that apparently didn't happen, I believe a return by RVD is eminent. Supposedly RVD and the WWE still have a very good relationship, which further points to a likely return of the legendary performer. If the WWE authorities are wise, and I think they are, they will not pass up the opportunity to bring Van Dam back to their stable.

Who's Next?
Who's Next? | Source

Bill Goldberg

Another awesome Superstar that the WWE desperately needs right now is Bill Goldberg, especially since the recent return of Brock Lesnar. In 2004, Lesnar and Goldberg fought for the first and only time at Wrestlemania 20. Goldberg defeated Brock, then both men were stunned by special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin. Neither Lesnar nor Goldberg were seen in the WWE again until Brock made his shocking return on the night after Wrestlemania 28. Now that Lesnar is running rampant over the WWE, brutalizing John Cena and, most recently, breaking the arm of COO Triple H, it is time for Brock's greatest rival to return and silence the monster. Bill Goldberg, once the face of the WCW, wrestled 173 straight matches without losing. His undefeated streak is legendary, and it would be epic to see him face another individual with an undefeated streak: The Undertaker. Goldberg needs to return to WWE, stomp a mudhole in Brock Lesnar, and end up facing Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29. There is a lot of potential here and the fans would love it.

The Texas Rattlesnake
The Texas Rattlesnake | Source

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Here is a guy who we know has a couple matches left in him. In fact, just the presence of Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWE would energize the product. Austin, much like Goldberg, had beef with Brock Lesnar at the end of Lesnar's first WWE run, so perhaps the Texas Rattlesnake should return to challenge the crazed Lesnar. Everybody who has ever watched the WWE loves to see Steve Austin raise hell and lay down the law to those who are abusing power, aka John Laurinaitis and Lesnar. The WWE Universe would explode upon the return of Stone Cold, as would the ratings. Simply put, Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWE means great business. Now if you agree with me gimme a Hell Yeah!

In Conclusion

It is interesting to note that all of these individuals are former WWE champions, which adds further credibility to their character. The big stars of the WWE’s present, like John Cena, CM Punk, and Chris Jericho, are right where they belong. Throw in the likes of Goldberg, Hardy, etc. and you’ll have a star-studded, grade-A program that will keep fans coming back for more of their favorite superstars. Simply put, give the fans who they want to see.

Who would you rather see return to WWE?

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    • profile image

      Chuck Colorado 2 years ago

    • profile image

      Chuck Colorado 2 years ago

      I think the only person that could realistically return is RVD or Jeff Hardy. Austin and Michaels are way too old an beat up, and Austin hosts two TV shows and a podcast, he is busy.

    • profile image

      Mishgoldberg 3 years ago

      Goldberg must return to wwe

    • profile image

      Punk ace 4 years ago

      It should hardy boys,Batista should come to wwe for full time and HEART BREAK KID IS AWOSOME!!! we want him back:)I wish edge could. Come stone cold and Goldberg should return they r stunning

    • profile image

      Robiantor 4 years ago

      1.rob van dam

      2.jeff hardy


      4.stone cold


    • profile image

      Punkbryan71 5 years ago


      J. Hardy!

      Stone cold!

      Bill goldberg!


    • profile image

      Punkbryan71 5 years ago

      My five:

      1 edge

      2 batista

      3 Stone cold

      4 Jeff hardy

      5 HBK (full time competition!)

    • profile image

      Liamryanburtmania 5 years ago

      1 hardy (both!)

      2 HBK

      3 Batista

      4 mysterio

      5 goldberg or stone cold!!!

      Possibly six if edge has the balls to get neck surgery!!!

    • poet83 profile image

      Brian Lawson 5 years ago from Windsor, Va.

      Well at least one of the five are back. I actually left a sixth Superstar: Bill Goldberg!

    • profile image

      kristi 5 years ago

      Awesome very well said. :}