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5 Things I want to see on Sunday

Updated on September 18, 2014
New scoreboards will be on display in their first regular season game on Sunday.
New scoreboards will be on display in their first regular season game on Sunday. | Source

I can't wait for Sunday. The home opener and the ability to actually sit in section 146 in one of those uncomfortable teal seats in Everbank Field. Don't get me wrong...I love those teal seats.

It will be the third game of the year but, as most Jaguar fans are feeling, I certainly hope there is a chance to start over and step off with a new foot. This weekend is important in so many different ways. As a fan, we want to see our team and we want them to win. What a perfect setting this Sunday -- the first home game of the season against the Indianapolis Colts.

In keeping with tradition of how most articles seem to be written today, sports or any other subject matter, here is a list of what I want to see on Sunday:

  1. A full stadium --- I know. This is something that I should not have to list but just expect. I know the stadium and the fans will be ready...just be ready by 12:55. Let's show the regional audience that we support our team and let them see it on television. I laugh at all the national 'experts' who say we have an empty stadium and show no support (please see Jaguars twitter and Bold City Brigade if you actually think there is no support). They want to see the scoreboards and the pools but let's have them talk about how full the stands are with an 0-2 team that has been outscored 75-27.
  2. Gus Bradley get mad --- Has anyone actually seen him mad? Even with the debacle against the Redskins, it did not seem as though there was any emotion from him based on the telecast. If there is a bad call, let's see it. Let's pull the 'Mike Mularkey throw the clipboard on the field'. They say in baseball that the manager argues a call or gets thrown out of a game to get the team going. I am not saying get kicked out but get the attention on yourself to maybe relieve the tension in the team -- just a thought.
  3. "Do your job" --- I do say this with a caveat. I know every player on an NFL field is giving 100% or everything they have or whatever you call it. Put forth the effort through your play and with your mind. The greatest players aren't great because they just go out on Sunday and throw it around (you listening Manziel?). They study film, they practice like it is a game and there is no time off. There were a LOT of missed assignments in last Sunday's loss. You have to minimize the mistakes if you want to win. The players have heard it throughout their whole football life. Loosen up and let's get it done.
  4. Exploit the Colts defense --- They are not all. Defensive Tackle Arthur Jones will be out after suffering a high ankle sprain against the Eagles. With Jones being out, Robert Mathis out for the year and this could be the opportunity for the offense, with or without Bortles, to gain some confidence.
  5. BORTLES --- Did you really think I would not put this??? I know he is not starting. I just want to see him in for a couple plays maybe even a series if the offense isn't doing anything. The stance of the coach Gus Bradley and the GM David Caldwell are that they would rather have him wait out the whole year before being the starter. Says nothing to bringing him in for a series. Perfect time you ask? How about 2-3 minutes left in the first half. If the Jaguars have not done anything, put him in a high stress situation and let him play. The worst that will happen is he will be the same as what you have in Henne. The best, oddly enough...he may be the spark!

Trust me. There are more than five things I want to see on Sunday. A win is one of them. Let's keep it simple and let the items above happen. In my personal and biased opinion, I feel if we do the items above, everything else will fall into place.

Let me hear your thoughts!!! What are you most looking forward to on Sunday?


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