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3 Tips On How To Become A Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Player

Updated on April 5, 2015

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports has taken the gambling world by storm. In just a couple years it has surpassed the much beloved season long formats. What makes the daily fantasy format so appealing is that there is no season long commitment. With hundreds of thousands of people playing daily there is a lot of money to be made. With the help of this article you can became a seasoned veteran and crush your competition. Before I get started you will need to know some terms;

Bankroll: Amount of money in your fantasy sports account
GPP: Guaranteed prize pool, these tournaments are clearly labeled on the site and consist of huge player pools.
Cash Games: These games consist of 50/50 (50% of the field wins money) and head to head style games.


Tip 1 - Research

Although it may be fun, it is a losing strategy to always just pick your favorite players. There are many sites dedicated online to serve just this purpose. One site which I particularly like is This site includes everything from vegas odd lines to individual advanced stats. Just doing 5-10 minutes of research can easily help you crush the other players who just mindlessly pick their players.

Tip 2 - Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is a key factor in daily fantasy sports and gambling in general. All pros follow this (to some degree). Even the best daily fantasy sports player will lose if they wagered 100% of their bankroll every night. The bankroll management strategy I use consists of only playing up to 10% of my bankroll on GPPs and up to 25% of my bankroll on cash games. I feel comfortable putting more of my bankroll up in cash games because there is a greater chance I will win. When it comes to GPPs, the top prize may look appealing but i'm still battling it out with thousands of other entrants so chances of winning greatly decrease.

Sample Bankroll: $100

GPPs: up to $10 daily

Cash Games: up to $25 daily

Tip 3- Look For Value

Since daily fantasy sports is still relatively new there is a lot of value to be had. This can come in the form of an overlay (When the contest does not meet the required number of entrants) or free rolls ( free contests). To get value from overlays look at contests that are almost ready to start and do not have the required amount of entrants. Also, another form of value stems from free rolls. Many new sites offer numerous free rolls to entice new customers. You can take advantage of this and play for free and make money without making a single deposit. An example of a site that is currently doing this promotion is Victiv. Victiv gives you the chance to verse their robot and if you beat you will credited $5 dollars into your account. They give you 3 chances and it is relatively easy.

If you enjoyed this article and want to enter the daily fantasy sports gambling world please use this link If you register with this link I will get a kickback with no extra cost towards you. If you did not enjoy this article but still wanna play daily fantasy sports you can join through this non referral link at

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