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5 Activities You Should Try with Your Friends This Summer

Updated on August 4, 2015

The long awaited summer is here! You have lots of free time and it’s up to you to get the most of it, to have fun, relax and recharge your batteries. But, the summer usually starts pretty good, while after two weeks you may just feel bored and start thinking how you would like to get back to work or school. Don’t let the boredom get you, get together with your friends and think about all the interesting activities that you could indulge in together.


Get out of the overcrowded city streets, go find a nice camping site, enjoy the nature and have fun with your closest ones. You will be inspired by the natural beauty of our planet, the fresh air, beautiful scenery, wildflowers and starry sky. The whole trip would be perfect if you have flexible friends who are ready to have fun time no matter what. Laughter is the best cure for everything and your “journey back to nature” would be extraordinary. When you’re done with sightseeing, hitchhiking and exploring – play cards, take photographs, tell scary campfire stories or play a ball game.



The summer is hot and you feel you can’t do anything other than stay inside your home, while you would rather go outside. Take that sweat off yourself and cool down by diving into a pool or going to the beach with your friends. There are numerous fun swimming pool games that require two or more people to play – Marco Polo, chicken fight, handstand and cannonball contest or treasure search games. It is a great way for you and your friends to spend a fun day to remember, and to cool down on a dry and hot day. If you choose the beach – bring a ball for a beach volleyball game or a game of catch in the water, whilst a game of Frisbee is not a bad idea also. Gather your friends, put your diving masks on and start exploring the sea together.

Video game tournament

Follow these few simple steps: pick up the phone and invite your bunch over to your place, darken the room, turn on the fan, make lots of cold lemonade, turn on the video game console and the day is ready to be saved. For kids born in the second half of the 80s and after, video game consoles created by Sega, Nintendo and Sony were a great source of fun full of competitiveness and teasing, but playing them was a time for socializing as well. Launch a two (or more) player game, make a tournament and figure out the prizes for the first three place winners, be creative.

Watching an NFL game

Instead of playing video games you can turn on the ESPN or any other sports channel and check out an NFL game. This isn’t just fun for guys, because a big part the female population also finds NFL games fun to watch. So, invite your whole crew to watch the game, relax, make cold drinks, grab a bite and discuss fresh new NFL rumors.

Invent an indoors vacation

If certain unaffectable factors prevent you from leaving the house, then make an indoor vacation. A fake indoor vacation. Design your home as whatever you like – a hotel, store, jungle or whatever inspires you. Invite your friends over for breakfast, dinner or sleepover, make a feast with unusual foods and have a fake vacation. If it is a rainy day outside, hop in to your swimsuits, put your sunglasses on a pretend you’re on a beach getting your tan right. The key thing is to play, just feel free to play.


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