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5 Halfway Decent AEG Airsoft Rifles Under $50

Updated on August 15, 2011

Do 'Cheap' and 'AEG' Ever Go in the Same Sentence?

So, you're looking for an entry level electric airsoft rifle under $50 and you're not having any luck...Are there ANY airsoft guns worth paying money for in that price range?

No?! Will AEGs forever be trapped in the realm of snooty pro players?!

Wait a second...Maybe just maybe...

We're happy to say that we did the research and analyzed a multitude of the most common, most popular and most acclaimed electric airsoft rifles under $50 (Which we feel is a reasonable budget for an AEG), and we've come back with this list of our top 5 picks.

Well P-90 AEG Airsoft Rifle
Well P-90 AEG Airsoft Rifle

#5. Well P-90 AEG Airsoft Rifle

I'm not gonna lie to you...The main appeal of this entry level electric airsoft rifles over any of the ones ranked in front of it in this article is the fact that it's modeled after the real FN P90 personal defense weapon, which has seen minor military use since it's original manufacture in 1990 (Hence the model number "90").

Pros - Separates You From All the M4s and AK47s While Still Keeping an RIS. It's Alright for "Spray n' Pray" Players or CQC

  • Looks a Good Deal Like the Real FN P90...Pretty Sweet if You're into it

  • Very Lightweight AEG, Good for CQC I Guess...

  • High Capacity 500 Round Magazine Rarely Requires Reloading

  • Unlike the CYMA AK47, this Airsoft Rifle has an Integrated RIS

  • All 1 Solid Piece...Fewer Parts are Available to Break

  • The Non-Adjustable Hop-Up Means You Get Best Performance from .12 g BBs...Saves you some money

  • The Suppressor Barrel is Actually Functional...It Quiets Down the Gun and Slightly Improves Accuracy

Cons - Terrible Accuracy with Sub-Par Firing Power and Cheap Plastic Gearbox

  • Firing Power isn't Great. ~250 - 280 FPS Would Be Good with .20 g BBs, but .12 g BBs Won't Even Puncture a Soda Can (from any range)

  • Accuracy is TERRIBLE - Slightly Expected at This Price, But an Effective Range of ~30 feet is Awful

  • Gravity Fed Magazine Means You Have to Tilt the Gun Upwards to Fire...Annoying

  • Plastic Gearbox Means This Gun is NOT Going to Last a Long Time Under Any Kind of Heavy Use

  • Very Low Rate of Fire...Something Around 250 rpm + Time Spent 'Shaking' Rounds into Place

All around it's decent, and in any other review I would say that the price justifies the problems...However, this list is the BEST AEGs under $50, and quality is actually important. Get the Well P-90 Electric Airsoft Rifle if you like the P-90 more than the M4 or AK47, but otherwise you'd do better with one of the other airsoft guns listed here.

Cyma cm022 ak47 AEG airsoft gun
Cyma cm022 ak47 AEG airsoft gun

#4. CYMA CM.022 AK47 Electric Airsoft Rifle

This electric airsoft rifle is only a small step up from the P90 in terms of quality and performance, however, it's enough to make a difference.

Pros - Weighted 1:1 AK-47 Replica Plays Well w/ .20 g BBs and has a Surprisingly Long Battery Life

  • Adjustable Hop Up Allows for .20 g BBs - Superior Accuracy and 'Stopping Power' to the .12 g Ammo.

  • Real 1:1 Replica of the Kalashnikov AK47 Assault Rifle (Though Not the Same Weight)

  • The Ladder Sight is a Nice Touch - Allows for Precise Aiming and Easy Hop Up Adjustment

  • Battery is Surprisingly Long Lived Thanks to the Lower Voltage Consumption

  • Comes with Both a Normal Spring Powered Magazine as well as the Winding High-Cap One

  • Decent Rate of Fire at Approx. 400 - 450 rpm

  • Weighted to Have a Nice 5 lb 'Heft' to it...Feels Much Sturdier than it Actually is (Better than Feeling Cheap)

Cons - Firing Power, Accuracy and Durability are Better than the Well P90 But Still Pretty Bad, Plus There's No RIS

  • Not Much More Accurate than the Well P90, although it DOES Have a Slightly Higher Range of 40 - 50 feet

  • Even Though it's Weighted the AEG is Still Made Entirely of Plastic, Including the Gearbox

  • Firing Power is, Again, Not Great - You Can Look for Around 220 FPS with .20 g BBs (But that's much better than 250 FPS w/ .12 g)

  • No RIS, Means You Can't Attach any Accessories (Why would you need to w/ this gun?)

All in all the CYMA CM.022 AK47 Electric Airsoft Rifle really is nothing special, much like the Well P-90. Hey, that's why it's ranked #4 and not #1! Our next 3 AEGs are where it really gets good...

Double Eagle M82 S552 AEG Airsoft Rifle
Double Eagle M82 S552 AEG Airsoft Rifle

#3. Double Eagle M82 Sig 552 Electric Airsoft Gun

Honestly, this gun could have been either the #1 or the #2 spot, however, I didn't want Double Eagle to take the top 2 spots, and it's such a toss up anyway that I decided to simply rank this one #3.

Pros - The Folding Stock is Awesome and the Lighter Weight is Perfect for CQC...Comparable Fire Power and Accuracy to Other AEGs at this Price

  • Foldable Stock is a Marvelous Addition for CQC - Even Better than the Retractable Stock!

  • If You Detach the Barrel and Fold in the Stock this Airsoft Gun has a Profile Similar to an MP5 - Very Compact

  • Comes with a Laser Sight, Red Crosshair Sight and Suppressor Barrel (Although the Barrel is Useless)

  • Made of Decent Quality ABS Plastic - Very Lightweight

  • Performs Better with .12 g Ammo Than .20 g Ammo...Means You Save Money!

Cons - Not Quite as Reliable as #1 or #2, and the Magazine Only Holds 36 Rounds

  • For Some Reason This Airsoft Gun Seems to Jam Slightly More Frequently Than the M4A1 (Our #1 Spot), Even Though the Guns Are Built Similar

  • Magazine Only Holds 36 Rounds - Great for MilSim but Not Casual Airsoft Wars...Definitely Invest in Some Extra Mags (Fortunately They're Cheap!)

  • Doesn't Come with as Many Accessories as the #1 Spot

All in all the Double Eagle M82 Sig 552 Electric Airsoft Gun is very respectable, and could have probably been ranked higher on someone else's list. However, I felt that the Boyi was a bit more reliable, and the heavier Double Eagle listed below is a bit more reliable as well, plus it comes with a bunch more stuff.

Boyi CQB M4 LPEG Airsoft Rifle
Boyi CQB M4 LPEG Airsoft Rifle

#2. Boyi CQB M4 Electric Airsoft Rifle LPEG

Although this airsoft rifle is technically classified as a LOW power electric airsoft gun by D-Boys / Boyi, in actuality all of the AEGs on this page should probably be classified that way.

Pros - Sturdy Construction and Decent Fire Power; Absolutely Stellar for CQC and Will Likely Dominate in Casual Backyard Play

  • Solid ABS Plastic Construction - Definitely a Step Above the Previous 2 Airsoft RiflesReally Good Weight to it - Solid 6 Pounds to it

  • Fire Power is About 250 FPS w/ .20 g BBs - Hard Enough to Leave a Welt, But Soft Enough for Indoor Play

  • Adjustable Crane Stock + Short Barrel = Really Good Airsoft Gun for Indoor and Backyard CQC

  • Airsoft Gun Comes with a Fore Grip, Shooting Glasses and a Speedloader, Although You'll want an Extra Clip

  • Integrated RIS for Future Upgrades

Cons - A Bit More Expensive than the Other Airsoft Guns Listed Here

  • Technically with Shipping this Airsoft Gun Will Probably Be ~$60

  • Magazines are Unconventional and Hard to Find Offline

  • Jams Rarely w/ .12 g BBs (Even Though That's What Manufacturer Recommends)...USE .20 G BBS!

  • Not too Much to Say here...All Around Good Airsoft Gun

I'll be totally honest with you here...We could have (and almost did) rank this airsoft gun #1, but after discussing it with my team we all decided to go with #2.

Why? The price and the fact that the Double Eagle comes with more stuff and offers a bit better performance with .12 g BBs, which we assume is what most folks are going to be using if you're shopping on a budget. That's not to say that this airsoft gun won't be good with .12 g BBs, but it tends to jam a little more often and certainly isn't as accurate.

You won't be disappointed by the Boyi CQB M4 Electric Airsoft Rifle LPEG, and it will perform wonderfully in close quarters and casual play. It will spank any spring airsoft rifle it comes up against, and the high quality plastic is durable enough for this gun to last you through many a backyard skirmish.

Double Eagle M4A1 M83 AEG Airsoft Rifle
Double Eagle M4A1 M83 AEG Airsoft Rifle

#1. Heavy Double Eagle M4A1 / M83A2 Electric Airsoft Gun

I freely admit that for higher end airsoft guns I would never buy DE. However, at this budget price range is where the brand excels, and I think that their M4A1 electric airsoft gun is proof of this.

Let's go over the pros and cons and hopefull you'll see what I mean...

Pros - Fairly Solid Construction, Decent Fire Power and Accuracy, Plays Very Well with .12 g Ammo and Comes with a TON of Stuff!

  • The Best Selling Electric Airsoft Gun on, Boasting Over 220+ Customer Reviews

  • Realistic 1:1 Replica of the M4 Carbine

  • Plays Well with .12 g BBs - You Don't Have to Feel Bad Loading Up with the Cheaper Ammo!

  • Comes with a Butt-Ton of Accessories, All Attachable Via the Integrated RIS

  • The Battery Lasts a Surprisingly Long Time

  • Adjustable Hop Up Allows for Wind Adjustment and Heavier Ammo

  • Made of Heavy Duty ABS Plastic - Around 4 Pounds, but Durable As Well. It Might Not Hold Up to Metal Airsoft Guns, but it's Lighter and Cheaper!

  • Sturdy Firing Mode Switch...Not Something You Usually See in Airsoft Guns of This Price

  • Extra Magazines are Cheap and Easy to Find Online, Despite Not Being Tokyo Mauri Compatible

  • Comparable Fire Power to the Other AEGs at This Price...Right Around 250 FPS

  • Retractable Stock and Detachable Barrels Make This Gun Perfect for Indoor CQC and Casual Backyard Play

Cons - Still Uses a Plastic Gearbox, So Avoid Anything Heavier than .20 g Ammo; The Accessories Are Purely Aesthetic

  • Don't Use Anything Heavier than .20 g Ammo - Will Overstress the Motor

  • Most of the Accessories, Though Cool Looking, Will Not Do Much For You Functionally

Basically, everything about this airsoft gun is about equivalent to the #2 and #3 spot (Except more reliable than #3) in terms of performance...It has decent firing power, a plastic gear box, high quality plastic construction, decent range / accuracy...Where it differes though is in the fact that it comes with a TON of stuff, and the fact that it plays better with .12 g BBs.

Questions About the Top 5 Electric Airsoft Rifles Under $50??? - Read the Full Article on

Top 5 Electric Airsoft Rifles Under $50
Top 5 Electric Airsoft Rifles Under $50

I hope that this Top 5 Electric Airsoft Rifles under $50 guide has been of some use to you...Please feel free to share it with any friends who are also looking for a cheap electric airsoft gun! We're all about helping people out, and we're happy to spread the good word about airsoft!

Although I can't make any sure fire promises that I'll adhere to anyone's advice, we're always on the lookout for new guns to review over at, so please let me know if you feel that there is a particular budget AEG that I've left off this list...I'll definitely take a look!

Of course, any other comments are welcome as well =)

Any AEGs You'd Like to See Added? Taken Away? - Or Any Other Comments...

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