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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Golf Lesson with 3D Golf Swing Analysis

Updated on September 19, 2015
My golf lesson with Brad McIntosh
My golf lesson with Brad McIntosh | Source

As an amateur golfer with a double digit handy-cap I am always looking for way to slowly bring my game towards the elusive scratch score (im allowed to dream, ok). I recently talked to and had a golf lesson with Brad McIntosh, a PGA professional who has scored the magical 59 in a tour event (a feat that even Tiger Woods has not accomplished).

Brad is currently an golf instructor at Precision Golf Sydney and uses 3D cameras and software to analyse your swing during golf lessons. He believes that this is the fastest way for all player to improve their game and will benefit the beginner through to the professional. He showed me the 3D camera set-up and software and I was hooked!

The 3D swing analysis bay i used
The 3D swing analysis bay i used

Here is why;

1) It picks up errors even the best professional coach can miss

At first I was overwhelmed at the shear amount of information that the 3D golf swing analysis returned, but through Brads guidance I was able to see the main issues I was having. There is a setting which allows you to see your weight distribution throughout the golf swing. It was easy to see that even from my set-up that my weight was too far forward. This is something that had been missed by other golf lessons in Sydney i have had. There were other statistics as well, such as my lateral head movement that Brad was able to show me and help me with.

The golf swing happens so fast it is easy for even the best golf coach to miss critical errors in your swing, as the software was able to quantify and give number based results, these errors are much easier to identify.

2) Simple to understand

All the information is provided in useful graphical and numerical form. You can see the errors you are making with the 3D avatar which exactly recreates your golf swing. Going back to my example of my weight distribution being off, you can clearly see on a dot between your feet of where your balance is and it moves in real time as you move. It looks sort of like the balance board on a Wii fit except it is all done through the 3D cameras. Wonderful for getting your set up right. It also shows a 3D path of your club head during your swing so you can simply look at the red line and see that you need to a just your angles!

The information is displayed in such a simple and easy to understand way you can tell what your coach is trying to change. It was great being able to see my weight change through my swing, as i probably would not understand what Brad was trying to tell me without this visual aid.

3) Real quantifiable results

Speaking of being able to understand what your golf coach is trying change, you can see actual number and graphs change when you have corrected your swing! During my lesson with Brad the 3D analysis was showing up that I had a lot of lateral head movement. After working on several drills and re-filming my swing I could see that my head was more stable by 3 inches!

It is wonderful being able to see the numbers, as quite often when you change something in your swing it feels like your swing has gotten worse! I know personally i have had lessons where i have left with my swing feeling terrible and within two weeks i have reverted to my old ways. Being able to see that there was a quantifiable improvement means that I am less likely to revert back to my old way as I know what I am doing is right!

To top this off Brad emailed me all my statistics so I can compare them and see my improvement next time I come in.

4) More information then standard video analysis

I stated above that 3D avatar and real time weight distribution analysis provide far more information than can be interpreted for a video only golf lesson. As well as this many other statistics are calculated by the Swing Guru software. Lateral head movement at different points in the swing, vertical head movement, tempo, shoulder rotation through your swing and knee bend to name just a few! Over 20 statistics come up on a chart that show position in your back swing, impact and follow through.

5) Your golf swing will improve faster

I left my one-hour lesson with 10m added to my drive, ball flight with my irons was much straighter and my short game had improved. I can safely say that I have seen the biggest improvement on my golf swing than from any other lessons or wacky golf devices (think that scene from Tin Cup and you have me).

Too many golf swing devices!
Too many golf swing devices! | Source

My only complaint with the use of the software, is that the number alone would not help someone. You need a professional to be there with you in order to understand the bigger picture. Quite often with the golf swing there will be many different elements going on and someone with experience is needed to help guide you. Lessons with the 3D technology are also more expensive that traditional golf lessons and will set you back about $20-40 more which can add up.

Overall i loved my lesson and will defiantly be returning. Im a visual learner and hate taking what someone says for granted with out any evidence so all the information made me feel like i was getting a lot more out of my lesson.

I would recommend all golfers book in for a golf lesson with a PGA instructor that uses 3D swing analysis, you will not regret it. I have seen the biggest improvement in my game in a long time and i am sure you will too.

Happy golfing!

Brad McIntosh provides golf lessons in Sydney at Precision Golf Sydney and uses the most advanced technology to improve your game.

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Video of my lesson

© 2015 Maddie Aliprandi


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