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5 things you'll never see a Chicago Bears fan wear

Updated on October 22, 2014

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True Bears fans won't be caught dead in these items

I've been a Chicago Bears fan all my life, going on fifty years, and there are things you'll see in some stadiums, but not at Soldier Field. True Bears fans are blue collar thru and thru and when you come from that type of working background, so there are certain types of items that are just not something that should be allowed in the windy city.

If you have one of these things and are a Chicago Bears fan, it's time to get rid of it, and replace with these acceptable alternatives.

Item #1 - A Foam Cheese Head

Are you kidding me Green Bay, a foam Cheese Head? Why would you want to put that on your head? Yeah, yeah, yeah, Super Bowl trophies, yeah, yeah, yeah, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, but really, why put something on your head that is made from curled milk. Here's what a Chicago Bears fan wears, a Bears head, not a foam one, one with fur and fangs.

Item #2 - A Pink Bears Jersey is a big no no

Yes, I know the color for Breast Cancer Awareness is Pink, but, there is no way, no reason to have a Pink Bears Jersey. Us Bears fans need to wear a jersey for at least 16 weeks each season, so why in the world would you want it to be pink? I'm luke warm on the Orange jerseys as I am a big traditionalist, Navy is the only Bears jersey that you will ever need. An acceptable alternative is the alternative 1940's navy jersey with orange numbers.

Item #3 - A baseball hat or a hat with a pom on it

It's cold in Chicago and Bears baseball hats are a big no-no, we wear sunglasses. And what was the NFL thinking when they brought back the ski hat with the pom on it? Come on, what fan is going to wear one of these things to a football game? Instead, get a regular winter hat or something with a face mask.

Item #4 - Tank Tops

You'll never, ever see a tank top in Soldier Field, it's Chicago, and even when its hot, we are on the lakefront and its windy and cold. Plus, we drink bear, eat hot dogs and pizza, and have farmer's tans, we don't look good in a tank top.

Item #5 - Foam Fingers

Foam fingers are not allowed in Soldier Field. Don't bring them, don't wear them, don't buy them. Instead, we wear regular gloves.

What is something you will never bring to a football game?

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