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5.11 Rush Delivery Bag

Updated on April 12, 2012

To deliver or Not...Tactical style!

The 5.11 Tactical Delivery Bag.

For every civilian and military operator out there the equipment they choose is very important. Let us just step out of the tactical backpack use for a moment. Lets just focus on the tactical business side.

On most occassions when on a business trip you carry most of the important mission essential items with you. The tactical 3 day pack can handle this task. But what if you want something a little more different from the norm? Like a Tactical messenger bag?

Well there are options to consider. If you prefer to stay on the tactical side of things then may I suggest one particular bag. The 5.11 Rush Tactical Delivery bag. This is one of the best tactical laptop messenger bags in my opinion. Other brands to include Blackhawk, Kifaru and Maxpedition to name a few.

5.11 Rush Messenger bag features

5.11 Rush Messenger Main Features:

  • 1050D water resistant nylon
  • YKK zipppers
  • Padded Sholuder straps
  • Padded Laptop Compartment. Carries up to a 17 inch laptop
  • Quick grab haul handle

1050D Water Resistant Nylon Cordura

The tough 1050D Cordura is a perefect blend to the bag. Somtimes when I am out there hiking in the backroads of Wahiawa, Hawaii the water proof cordura helps. I travel a lot also to Haiku,Maui. In the jungles of Haiku it rains most of the time. I tell you what this messenger bag has kept my important gear dry. Especially my Alienware M14x gaming laptop.

Zipper Pulls.

The zippers on this messenger bag is fitted with 550 like cord wrap around the zipper it self. It is a pleasure to pull open and close. This gives me the confidence of having to pull real hard on the zippers and do not have to worry about breaking them.

Padded Shoulder Straps.

The padded shoulder straps on this 5.11 rush messenger bag is good to go. It has an ample amount of padding to it. It is not overly padded like on some messenger bags that I have encountered. The straps also is very ell made. The stitching around the straps and quick release buckles are top notch also.

I never encountered any problems with these shoulder straps. They feel really great actually. When I go hiking for hours in Haiku ,Maui my shoulders felt really good most of the time. 5.11 tactical really focused their attention on this.

Padded Laptop Compartment

This is my favorite part of the bag. The Laptop compartment. Because I have different laptops that I carry I needed a messenger bag that will accomadate different sizes. This 5.11 Bag carries up to a 17 inch laptop. I have a 14 and a 12.5 inch size laptops that I carry with me on business/Hiking trips.

The padding on this bag is good to go. Both inner walls are padded. My laptop slides in nicely between the padded compartments. It is very well protected. Also the over head strap keeps your laptop in place. So when you are on the move your laptop stays put.

5.11 Messenger Bag. Perfect for My Lenovo X220

As you can see in the pictures my Lenovo 12.5 business laptop fits perfectly. The padded walls between the compartments is awesome.

With the PALS webbing I can utilize my tactical utility pouches. The Blackhawk pouch is used for storing my laptop charger and cables. As seen in the images above. The charger fits perfect. My other mini Voodoo Tactical pouch is used for storing my box of 40 cal. Ammo. Because this messenger bag has a concealed weapon storage.

This is perfect for my Glock 22. Do not worry folks I have a CCW permit. I am squared away. Hoorah!! Airborne all the way!!!!!

Also the velcro Flag morale patch holders on front of the flap can be used to stick your unit tabs or any humor patches.

Grab Haul Handle

Last but not least of this feature is the grab handle. Once again the construction and stitching of this handle is very good. The grab handle is a very high stress area. 90 percent the top handle is always utilized. There are times when you are on the go and do not have the time to strap over your shoulder. So basically the lazy human likes to just use the carry handle and go.

For bigger individuals the carry handle on this messenger bag might be a bit to small for thier big hands. In my experience it just feels right for me. But over all it does the job of carrying the bag.

The Wrap up.

Over all this is a great bag for any business minded individual who likes to go tactical. Some may like it and some will disagree in going tactical style. But what ever your taste may be this messenger bag is highly recommended.


Awesome padded laptop compartment.

Shoulder strap just feels right.

Quick release buckles are very tough.

1050D water proof cordura is great.

I think it looks better than Kifaru OTW Messenger bag.


None what so ever.

Best uses for this bag:

Airplane Traveling

At the office


Once again I highly recommend this 5.11 Rush Delivery Tactical bag to everyone. Like I said before this bag is for the tactical operator in military or law enforcement.


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    • marlonpupuli profile image

      marlonpupuli 5 years ago from sunset beach hawaii

      Aloha brah. To be honest with you i was more kifaru and mystery ranch tactical all the way. But i forced myself to try 5.11 products. And i am very glad i did. They make very good products. They are squared away and no ka oe!!

      Any hoot thanks for your comments and god bless the airborne grunts... Airborne all the way!!! Put your knees in the breeze!! Hooorah!


    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 5 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Hello. Great informative article Fantastic detail photography. I saw them on ebay, along with the many, many 5.11 tactical products - pants, shirts, boots, etc. Have a great day.