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6 Reasons Camping In Autumn Is The Best

Updated on September 25, 2014

To some, camping is a great escape. A break from the normal grind of work and school that sometimes is needed. No, this isn’t referring to ones who are forced to “camp out” in order to get the new iPhone. Rather the getaway of leaving the comfort of your home, and enjoy nature while spending one or several nights outdoors, usually at a reserved campsite. Whether it’s by tent, caravan, motorhome or pop-up camper, it’s a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. For years it has been a popular recreational activity. For families though, it can sometimes be a struggle to make the plans that works for everyone’s schedule. Most find the summer season to fit the best out of the options due to kids being out of school and warmer weather.

Although there are plenty of advantages to summer camping, there are some aspects that can make the experience dreary. Despite one’s initial assumptions though, summer is debatably not the best time of the year to go camping. That title belongs to fall. If you are able to take a weekend out of the fall season to go for a couple days sleeping out in the great outdoors, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much fun it can be. If you have never been camping in autumn, you are really missing out on a special and awesome vacation. Here are some reasons to schedule your camp out in the fall.

1. The Best Weather Possible

Summertime does yield sunny days, and overall options for outdoor fun. But all those pros come with some big cons. Depending on where you camp, in some areas nights can be extremely hot and make you uncomfortable. This is especially true for ones in the southern states and areas closer to the equator. In addition, campfires can’t be enjoyed when it is 90 degrees out and makes cooking over the fire much more dreadful. Not to mention insects are out in full bloom irritating anyone and everyone possible. As much as summer can be fun, there are drawbacks to the weather.

Enter the fall season. It’s a much cooler time to enjoy the day and night. Bugs are dead (the very least mostly dead) and campfires invite you to sit around and enjoy them. Even with the cooler weather, most activities such as hiking and playing sports can still be enjoyable. Unlike summer, if the night gets too cold, you can add blankets or bring a heater if you get an electric campsite. When comparing autumn to other seasons, it clearly has the best weather for camping.

Even in the cooler weather, most activities such as hiking and playing sports can still be enjoyable.

2. Beautiful Scenery

If nature’s backdrop is appealing to you during camping, then the leaves on trees turning color and landscapes can arguably be the best. There are numerous parks that offer campsites to reserve, and offer superb surroundings. Taking in the sights during the fall season truly can be breathtaking when seen up close and personal. Many trails will take you to outlooks that are the most gorgeous at that time of the year. Just remember to bring your camera.

3. Deserted Campgrounds

One complaint among individuals who aren’t set on camping is that some campgrounds can be crowded and even have some noisy neighbors along with it. Summer is the most popular time to go, and chances are more likely for a situation like that to happen. However, during the fall season kids are back in school and generally people are coming back from their yearly vacations. This poses a great opportunity to go when campgrounds are deserted, enabling a more peaceful atmosphere. Also, due to the low demand of reservations, the already low fees for a site will decrease during the fall.

There is nothing like breakfast cooked over a fire.
There is nothing like breakfast cooked over a fire. | Source

4. Mornings and Breakfast

Not only do you get to sleep in typically when camping, but the experience of waking up is incredible. Most mornings in autumn are cool and refreshing. If you’re a coffee, hot chocolate or tea drinker there is nothing like it on a nice crisp morning. Just sitting by the fire and slowly waking up is a thing of beauty. If you rise early you’ll enjoy the serenity of peace since the majority of people are still asleep as well. Sometimes all you need to be refreshed (which is what all vacations should be about) is a quiet morning, your beverage of choice and nature.

5. Campfires

Speaking of campfires, fall is the best time to have them in general. As touched upon earlier, summer and hot days aren’t comfortable for sitting around fires. More than anything you’ll want to go jump in a nice cold lake or cool off. During the cool temperatures campfires are where it’s at. Making hot dogs, S’mores, and other campfire foods are more delightful in the fall. Plus campfires and hoodies are an amazing combination.

6. Fishing and/or Hunting

You may not realize it but combining your fishing or hunting trip into camping is not only smart but fun. If you have a long drive to the nearest hunting or fishing area, you can camp and be right by your favorite area. In addition it adds to the experience and makes it that much more memorable. It can also give you the feeling of being in old times when ones had to hunt or fish for food.

Yes if you can make even a weekend work for camping in autumn, clearly you’ll see the benefits for yourself. As cool as the weather might be, by dressing in layers and sticking close to a fire, you’ll do just fine. Most people see after camping in the fall season that it can't be beat. It’s perhaps the only time you can truly enjoy camping with no drawbacks. Just don't forget to stop and take in all the wonderful scenes of nature as you do.

What do you enjoy most about camping?

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    • BeyondGS profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks for the comment yasirchohan! I love autumn as well, but camping during fall makes me like it even more.

    • yasirchohan profile image

      Yasir chohan 

      4 years ago from Reisterstown

      I already loved autumn, but you help me see more beauty in it :)


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