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5 important factors to consider when buying a treadmill for running

Updated on November 30, 2011

With the selection of products that we have in our society it is harder and harder to choose among the huge range available in most categories. And choosing an exercise machine like a treadmill is certainly no easy task. Below i have gathered 5 important things to consider when you are about to make that investment.

5 important factors if you consider buying a treadmill

1 Functions
How advanced treadmill do you want? Or rather, how many functions and features do you need? In the simplest version of the treadmill, you set the speed and the distance and then you press the start button to get started. In a simple variant like that you can measure the distance you run, and when it is reached, the machine slows down. Perhaps it is enough for you?
Otherwise, you can take a look at the more advanced devices where you can get a variety of functions such as heart rate, speed, calories burned, and so forth, all shown on a display of beautiful colors.

A display of beautiful colors with a variety of buttons can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a joy. So try to get an idea of ​​how easy or difficult it is to set the data you need to use. In computing one speaks of intuitive interface, and it is meant that it should be straightforward and obvious to deal with the small computer in the treadmill. Who wants to read thick manuals before you can walk or run? Is it easy to manage start and stop button? You should not have to risk falling when you are reaching for the buttons.

running on treadmill
running on treadmill

2 Quality and durability
The treadmill consists of both electrical and mechanical components. Elements from both of these may fail for various reasons. You can not assume that the machine will go on forever without maintenance, and some spare change. Probably the cheapest models are the worst. The electric motor is a vital and relatively expensive part of the machine. The engine may become overheated, either because you overload it, or that it was too weak from the outset in relation to your weight and your ambitions with the running. Try to be sure that the machine has a powerful engine. Other electrical things can of course also stop working with all the irritation that it provides.
The actual treadmill that you run on can be of varying quality, read on several descriptions so you get an idea of ​​what appears to be of top quality. You can also try to get an idea of how "absorbing" the treadmill feels when you run on it. You do prefer to run on a forrest track or a concrete floor?

3 Manageability
A lot of people have a relatively small apartment (compact living) but would still like to have a treadmill to keep the stamina up. What do you do? Well, you're looking for an exercise machine that can be folded and the moved easily.

4 Noise
Some of us are very sensitive to machines that are noisy, while others do not care that much. But keep in mind that the sound of a trial run in the store are not the same as in your very small room at home.
Maybe you have neighbors who are easily disturbed and a dull humming can propagate through an entire house.
Have you thought about listening to music while running, which is a good idea, it is a real advantage if the machine is quiet.

5 Price
Wait to compare prices until you have decided how advanced treadmill that you need. If the treadmill is to be folded easily or not. Once you have done thatt, you can start comparing prices in the category you selected. Do not buy too cheap.


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