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7 Best Theme And Amusement Parks In India

Updated on January 13, 2016

Theme parks are one of the most visited and loved places by families among other recreational favorites like cinema halls, amphitheatres, malls and gaming arcades. The parks are especially like by people living in larger and metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata among others as they offer the urbanites the best ways to seek and explore the thrill and also help them get rid of the stress and exertion which the modern and hectic metro lifestyle brings to them.

Below is a list of the 10 best theme parks or amusement parks in India. The list has been compiled on the basis of the popularity of the parks, their features and fun quotient for kids, the number of rides and fun points they offer and their affordability among other aspects.

Here Are 7 Best Theme Parks And Amusement In India

Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore

The wonderful Wonderla Amusement Park is located at Bidadi (a fast developing town just 28 kms away from Bangalore and also called as New Bangalore). It offers the most number of rides to visitors and the latest figures stand at around 55.

Adlabs Imagica and Aqualmagica Park in Mumbai

Adlabs Entertainment Ltd operates and owns the Adlabs Imagica and Aqualmagica theme park that is also the most pricey yet technologically the best theme park in India. The park offers you many rides that are only available in more advanced nations of the world like U.S.A. and in some other advanced European countries. Located in between Pune and Mumbai at the Mumbai Sangdewadi on the Pali Khapoliu Road (off the Pune-Mumbai Expressway), the park can accommodate around 20,000 visitors at a time.

Essel World Mumbai

Essel World was amongst the first of theme parks in Mumbai and in India and its Water Kingdom had the first wave pool in India. Located on the Gorai Island in Boriwali West, it only takes a 20 minute ride of ferry to reach the fantastic destination that offers a wonderful array of water and other sports.

Aquatica in Kolkata

The 17 acre-wide Aquatica water park is amongst the best to be found in eastern India and is located in Kouchpukur near Rajarhat township in Kolkata. The park is also one of the most affordable parks in Inida and is located on the outskirts of the old city of Kolkatta.

Science City in Kolkata

Science City has ample OF exploration and learning avenues to feature in the list of top most amusement parks in India. Located in the JBS Haldane Avenue in Kolkata, the park offers to kids and visitors 3D theater, evolution park, space theater, road rain, time machine, caterpillar ride, mono cycle and gravity coaster among other fantastic options of affordable amusement.

Kidzania in Mumbai

The global indoor theme and popular-among-kids amusement park in Mumbai is located in Ghatkopar West in the R City Mall. Find here many activities like simulated aircraft flying among others that blend entertainment with reality and provide children a scientific platform where they can engage and learn. Within Kidzania a whole fictional city exists that has been re-sized for kids and where the young ones perform various professional and activist roles including that of Construction engineers, CSI agents, RJ surgeons and others. The kids can learn here cooking and manufacturing among other new tasks while having great fun and excitement.

Della Adventure Park

Located in Lonavala and around 100 kms away from central Mumbai, the Della Adventure park is one of the largest theme parks in Mumbai and in India to offer extreme adventure sports. The park offers a number of sensational and thrilling games and rides to visitors in form of jungle camps, day/night pass, ATV rides, Aqua Zorb, Motor-cross dirt racing, the thrilling Rocket ejector, swoop swing, archery range and shooting range. The park offers fantastic eating and halt/stay options in the form of dhabas, sport bars and resorts among others.


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