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7 Funny Things That Happened in Sports

Updated on June 13, 2012

Sports give us a great way to unwind, clear the cob webs from our mind and provide us with a relaxation like no other. Whether we directly engage with it or simply watch sports over our TV it can instantly uplift our spirits, make us feel comfortable and spark our competitive nature.

Sports is already part of many people lives all across the world since getting hooked with it makes our body in top shape. It can also be a potent driving force to unite a nation even during a crisis. Sports heroes can bring immense pride and honor to a country too as people will rally behind their athletes to show their love and full support. Sports also provide us with an entertainment and instantly make us forget our problems for a while.

Athletes are expected to give their all-out effort and compete without let-up just to make it into the medal podium, help their team win or snare the top plum. But what if they resorted to funny things like obvious cheating, doing odd things or something stupid. Though funny things may be spurred by stupidity people also tend to get delighted with a spectacular moments whipped up an athlete.

Ron Artest Pictures, Images, Pics, Pix

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Ron Artest changing his name to World B. Peace

A defensive sentinel in the NBA Ron Artest figured in a big mess few years back. Artest ignited a free-for-all fight in one NBA game with his former team Indiana Pacers. I think Artest learned well from his lesson and a proof of this is changing his name to something very peaceful-like, that is, World B. Peace. I hope his name will ring a bell, hehehe.

Michael Finley doing a cartwheel

I’d watched many dunk contests in the NBA but I was so surprised to see this. It was laughing so hard seeing this, Michael Finley looked like an oversized toddler while doing the cartwheel and fell short of converting the shot. Everyone was in a tremendous chuckle.

The infamous cartwheel dunk whipped up by Finley, hehehe, I was in a deep laughter with this though...

Chris Webber made a crucial mistake in the 1993 NCAA championship

Chris Webber was one of the great prospects in college for NBA teams. But before plunging into the NBA he made a great blunder in NCAA championship a mistake that allowed their opponent to seize the title. Playing for the Michigan he just hauled down a big rebound, almost committed a traveling violation, dribbled his way on to their court and called a timeout although his team already had nothing left paved the way for a technical foul. Michigan is trailing the North Carolina 71-73 and Webber’s TO sealed North Carolina’s triumph.

Chris Webber and his uncalled for time out

Vince Carter dunking over a 7 footer Frenchman in Olympics

Vince Carter dunking over a seven-foot-two French center Frederic Weis in the basketball competition of the 2000 Olympics. This is perhaps one of the most monstrous and spectacular dunks ever. Dunking over a behemoth in an actual game can easily outshine any spectacular dunks in the NBA dunk contest. Spectacular as it is this dunk can leave anyone who sees this video laughing in disbelief.

This electrifying and monstrous dunk of Carter over a seven footer cager from France is indeed impressive yet can be so funny...

Shaquille O’Neal’s atrocious free throw shooting

Shaquille O’Neal during his prime is perhaps the most dominant center in the NBA. And just like Superman whose weakness is kryptonite, Shaquille O’Neal’s Achilles heel is perhaps his free throw shooting. Many opposing teams would rather employ the “Hack a Shaq,” scheme and let him earn his points in the free throw line and often the strategy works for them well since Shaq only has a shooting clip in the vicinity of 50%.

Hehehe Shaquille and his free throws although this video clip from Youtube may be awkward...

Juan Manuel's foot stopper

Juan Manuel Marquez stepping on Manny Pacquiao’s foot many times on their third bout in the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas last November 12, 2011. The ploy works well for Marquez since his tactics were not notice by fans, the referees and the Pacquiao’s corner. Read this article Close Controversial Win by Manny Pacquiao Over Juan Manuel Marquez to know why Marquez can be so funny.

If you cannot lick 'em step 'em

If you can’t beat him bite him

Mike Tyson fierce bite over his vaunted opponent Evander Holyfield two times on their heavyweight clash last June 23, 1997 is not only cheap and disgusting. The demeanor of Tyson that led to his disqualification of the fight is so unsportsmanlike and shows lack of character.

If you can't lick 'em bite 'em


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