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7 Tips On How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight

Updated on September 2, 2013

Every golf player would like to know the techniques of driving a golf ball straight. Among all the clubs, the driver is the most difficult one to master. And with the club getting harder to use, that means more and more people don't know how to use it properly. You need to learn a few tips and practice a good deal, but after that you are on your own. Trust me; you will become proficient in driving the ball straight.

A good shot off the tee should not have caused much of backspin to the ball. It should travel low as far as possible and should have the necessary power to add yards after it lands. You can become a proficient golfer only by mastering all these things.

The first and foremost thing that every golfer needs to know in driving a golf ball straight is this. Never underestimate the importance of leverage during the course of a full swing. If you want to achieve proper leverage, then it is advisable that you keep your head behind the golf ball right from the start, all the way to the point of impact.

Golfers need to know this strange fact. Distance comes more from the speed of the club head than the strength of your arm. By muscling your way through the shot, you might end up with a poor hit. Understand that speed and power are mainly generated by hips, and legs and make use of this knowledge.

Although other clubs might somewhat be flexible during swing path, drivers are not that flexible. So, while starting your backswing, keep the swing plane as low as possible.

In driving a golf ball straight, there is one more thing you must know.

During impact, let your hands lead the club. This is known, in the game of golf, as “letting your wrists break”.

Many golfers make this common mistake. They tend to stop the swing suddenly once they hit the ball. You need to avoid this. Let your arms and the body move during the course of full swing, and also during the follow through.

As mentioned in The Simple Golf Swing training program, If you want to drive the golf ball straight, never grip the club tightly. Focus on whipping the ball and not chopping at it.

Those with the tendency to slice the ball should slow their downswing. If you come down too fast or too hard, it is more likely that you might come out of the proper swing path. Examine your grip to avoid the slice. You might be about to slice it if you are unable to see two or three knuckles while looking at the grip.

This grip tip can be useful for those who hook the ball too. If you see more or less than two to three knuckles, then your grip will probably change during impact leading to a severe hook.

Never pull or push the ball. This can happen when you are hitting off the fairway or coming off the tee. You can find out if you're guilty of this by looking at the divot left behind after your shot. If you find that the divot points to the left or right of the target line, your body is not properly aligned.

But none of the tips I've mentioned so far will help you unless you practice them well. Remember, in golf, there is no alternative to hard work and practice.


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