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7 Ways How To Building More Muscle

Updated on October 6, 2012

There's more to building muscle than just lifting weight until the bar bends. There are other things you need consider such as nutrition, technique, rest, diet, supplementation, form, infact the list is pretty big. It takes years for the top bodybuilders to reach their desired goals but I'm gonna cut your learning curve by giving you 7 ways to build more muscle. There are 3 body types for men, they are, Endomorph,Mendomorph and Ectomorph, Endomorphs are people that their diet completely reflects in the body shape. If they eat junk they put on weight, If they eat well they look great. This is probably the most common body shape for men. Next is Mendomorphs these are guys that consume what they want and yet they still retain low bodyfat and gain solid muscle tey also usually have the classic V taper naturally. You then have Ectomorphs these are the huys that are tall and skinny and find it really hard to put weight on, they can also eat what they like. So where does this leave you? If you're Endormorph ( Which is the category I fall in ) you just have to be realistic about your diet, the upside to being an endomorph is that we can achieve large Muscle mass with correct diet and training. If you're a Mesomorph ( the luckiest group of all 3) then you can achieve great muscle mass quickly if your hone your diet, however don't be fooled in to thinking you can consume what you like forever. If you're an ectomorph then you'll probably finding it tough to build muscle, you need to consume more calories, although you can do this with junk food as your body type doesn't let you add fat, it isn't the healthy option, You can add more calories by buying a weight gainer protein powder. They will usually have "Mass" in their name.

So see what category you fit in to and now take that on board in the way that you train. If you're an ectomorph and you thought by lifting heavier will get more muscle you can now see that unless you increase your calorie intake you're not going to gain anything as with endomorph if you've been kidding yourself as to why you've still got a spare tyre round your waist and no definition in your muscles then working on your diet will dramatically change your body. So lets look at 7 ways you can increase you muscle mass for all 3 body type providing your adjust your diet accordingly.

1. Keep your rep range lower than 10. If you rep range is higher than 10 then you're not working your muscle to it's fullest potential. You want to be able to just about lift the weight by the tenth rep. If you can lift the weight for more than 10 reps the weight is either too light or you're using momentum ( swinging ) to lift the weight.

2,Protein - You need to increase your protein if you want to build more muscle. Protein is the fuel that builds and repairs our muscle. Bodybuilders aim to consume around 1g of protein per kilo of body weight a day. You can increase your protein intake by supplementing with a protein shake and also eating meats, such as chicken, tuna and Turkey.

3.Do cardio - As long as you're training hard your should also be including cardio in to your program especially if you're an endomorph. Low body fat actually gives the impression your muscles are bigger because of the increased definition. You'll also be healthier too. There's nothing worse than a guy with bulging biceps out of breath after walking up the stairs.

4.Incorporate the 3 best moves - These are bench press, Squats and Dead Lifts. Squats will get you burning calories fast and build your legs fast. By incorporating these 3 moves you'll keep your growth in proportion.

5 Go with a friend - It's great to go to the gym with a friend who is just as enthusiastic as you about the gym this way you'll push it each other and also look out for each other. If your friend sticks to their diet and training you'll soon start seeing changes in them and you'll be left wishing you had done the same.

6. Use correct form - One of the biggest muscle deflators is incorrect form. The most common exercise that people use incorrect form on is bicep curls. Your bicep has 3 mucle heads and depending on what angle you face your palm, depends on which head you train. If you want Schwarzenegger peaks then keep your palms facing outwards do not be tempted to turn them in. You might find you'll have to lift a lighter weight if you use correct form.

7. Consistency and Rest - Don't expect gains in a week. Building muscle takes time, stick at it. Go to the gym 4 - 5 times per week cycling your body parts trained. Make sure you rest too, this doesn't mean 12 hour naps, 7 - 8 hours a day is perfect. Give your body the fuel it needs to recover.


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