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8 Things You Must Know Before Your Travel To Japan

Updated on March 24, 2016

8 Things You Must Know Before Your Travel To Japan

Are you set to visit Japan? Japan is a mysterious and a beautiful country to say the least. It has an eternal appeal for visitors. But what do you need to know? This post is about great insights and insider tips for a Japan travel.

  1. Things will not work out well if you only know English

The Japanese language is the official and the most widely used language. The general public doesn’t care about English; they also don’t want to know who you are or where you come from. What does this mean? Before you are set for a Japan travel, learn some basic Japanese words.

  1. Taxis are very expensive

Unless you are fully loaded with enough Japanese yens, forget about taxi transport services, they are expensive. But you don’t have to worry; Japan rail pass is reliable. Acquire enough information on the procedure of buying the pass and use of other prepaid travel cards.

  1. You must know how to bow

The application of doing how Romans do when in Rome (Japan in this case) is in bowing. Bowing in Japanese is an etiquette sign of politeness. Bow countless times, as long you are satisfied or happy with a service or help. It is not just about bowing; the only way to avoid spoiling the culture is learning the basic etiquettes.

  1. Raw food

You must be yearning to taste sushi or sashimi when on your Japan travel. Although foreigners shy off from these foods, they are delicious. Be ready to taste and adjust your eating habits. Learn about other favorite foods and add them to your list of to do when in Japan.

  1. Removing your shoes

While this may be a challenge if you are in old and smelly socks, you should be ready to avoid any embarrassment. It is a must to take off the shoes when you are going to the temple, shrine, Ryokan or in a restaurant. This is part of the beautiful Japanese traditions and cultures.

  1. To order food, you must know how to read Japanese

When you want to dine at all the traditional restaurants, you will find menus written in Japanese. This could make life hard if you expected them written in English. Do not mess up your stay by ordering the wrong choice of food or being lost of what to do.

  1. Heat and rain may not work well on your trip

Japan is not for autumn or spring season; the rainy season can be worse. While you may be thinking of summer, it is crazy. Read and prepare on how to deal with it if your Japan travel trip falls in summer. Sometimes, during autumn, it is rainy, meaning the temperatures will be very low.

  1. Shouting is a welcome note

When you enter a shop or a restaurant, you will be welcomed by irasshaimaseeeeeeee! They aren’t mad at you. The phrase is a welcoming note to say, come in. Even though you have little Japanese language knowledge, there is a secret: – Smile, bow, nod and life moves on when on your Japan travel.


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