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The 8 Craziest Pro Wrestlers of All Time

Updated on March 14, 2015

There are many definitions to the word crazy. Crazy describes someone who is mentally deranged, senseless and passionately excited. And in pro wrestling, you can find many people like this. In general, all pro wrestlers are quite bizarre. After all, these men and women voluntarily catapult themselves around 20 foot ring made of steel and thick lumber. But of the hundreds of pro wrestlers who have performed under the bright lights over the years, there are eight wrestlers who stand out as being the most ludicrous. Here is a list of the eight craziest wrestlers of all time.

Chris Benoit

Clearly former WWE Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit was not of sound mind when he murdered his wife Nancy and his seven year old son Daniel. Benoit, who was known for his intimidating demeanor and hard-hitting wrestling style, later killed himself. In the search for answers, many theories surfaced. This included roid rage, brain damage and a nervous breakdown. There will never be a firm answer to what occurred that catastrophic weekend. Sadly, due to his ruthless actions, Benoit will go down in history as the craziest wrestler of all time.


By most accounts, mid card wrestler Haku was a fine gentleman. Of course, what else would anybody say about a man who once almost tore out another wrestler's eyeball during a bar fight. Haku was known for his brutal and vicious style of fighting, and most wrestlers knew not to mess with him. Though he wasn't insane like Benoit or Scott Hall, it takes a certain amount of instability to justify popping another man's eye out.


Sabu was a high risk aerial wrestler who specialized in the hardcore aspect of pro wrestling. Having been trained by his uncle, the original Sheik, Sabu started his career in some of Japan's most hardcore promotions. But Sabu later made his name within the underground U.S. company Extreme Championship Wrestling. Though his wrestling style was considered berserk, so was the man. Due to his hardcore style of wrestling, Sabu did what many of his former comrades did, and turn to illegal drugs to deal with the pain. In April, Sabu was rushed to the hospital for an apparent drug overdose. He is currently in rehab.

Kevin Sullivan

There is an old saying that goes, "there is a fine line between madman and genius." And if one wrestler encompassed that adage more than anybody else, it was Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan may not be the most famous wrestler on this list, but he is arguably the most dangerous. Though most wrestling fans know him as the Danny DeVito of pro wrestling, and a genius booker, Sullivan had a more devious side. He was long rumored to be a member of a satanic cult and even one of the high officials. In addition, Sullivan is also rumored to have been involved in the Chris Benoit double murder suicide tragedy of 2007.

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura wasn't the smoothest wrestlers in the world, but he was one of the most charismatic. It was that same charisma that led him to winning a political election and becoming the Governor of Minnesota. But after September 11th, something happened to Jesse Ventura. He slowly coiled from political rebel to a crazed man with an agenda. The conspiracy theory nut Ventura is a frequent guest on the Alex Jones show, a talk radio show that takes advantage of people's fear of a government takeover.

Iron Sheik

The Iron Sheik was one of the most hated wrestlers in the early 80s. He was so despised that Vince McMahon personally chose him to be the "bad guy" to help propel Hulkamania into mainstream Americana. Drug abuse, and the death of his daughter in 2003 has only served to drive the Iron Sheik more insane. He is often a guest on talk radio shows like Howard Stern, where he swears, calls out all his former peers, and laments about his love for cocaine.

Scott Hall

Scott Hall was once one of the biggest wrestling names in pro wrestling. He was a marquee name for both WWE and WCW, and managed to rake in millions of dollars from the business. But, like many others Scott Hall had demons that he couldn't keep in the closet. Hall has battled drug and alcohol addiction for years, only staying clean for months at a time. He has also been arrested in several occasions for domestic abuse. In April 2012, Hall was once again arrested for beating his girlfriend. Scott Hall isn't crazy in a humorous manner. Scott Hall most likely has a severe mental illness and needs long term professional help.

Scott Steiner

Unlike Scott Hall, Scott Steiner is crazy in a very atypical way. Steiner has always been known to speak his mind, and he's not afraid of a good old fashioned fight. During the dying WCW days, Steiner got into fights with men like Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair. He would go on television and say anything he wanted, often burying the company he worked for. Lately, Steiner has taken his crazy personality to Twitter, where he criticizes Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Brooke Hogan. He is hilarious, but also very much crazy.


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Pro wrestlers run the spectrum of crazy. From the funny crazy men like Scott Steiner and Ultimate Warrior, to the unfortunate men who lost their minds like Scott Hall and Chris Benoit. Although there is no conclusive evidence, one has to wonder if the years of concussions plays any part in any of these men's eccentric personalities. My money says yes.


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