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A Champion’s Mind – Pete Sampras

Updated on February 3, 2011

 Recently I decide to read A Champion’s Mind, the Pete Sampras autobiography.   It was an easy read, and for someone who grew-up watching Pete Sampras play, a very interesting journey into the tennis life of one of the Open Era’s most successful players.  This book follows the journey of Sampras from his youngest days of swinging a racket right through to his last game as a professional. 

While some people try to label the book boring, in the same was as some tried to say Sampras was boring on the tennis court, it is fairer to say the book matches both Pete’s personality and playing style – it is straight, to the point and does what it sets out to do. 

I found A Champion’s Mind a very interesting and compelling read, as it gives you a rear insight into the challenges and mental strength Sampras exhibited.  What makes it even more fantastic in many ways, is that while his family supported his tennis dreams from a young age, unlike many other protégés of the time he had no overbearing parent forcing him to play.  Pete was largely driven by his own passion and love for the game. 

As a tennis player, this book offers some fantastic lessons especially regarding the mind set Pete adopted and the sacrifices he made to reach is goals.  But for people who are looking for inspiration and insight into what makes a person such a brilliant success there are a number of lessons to be learnt too, which can be applied to anyone’s life. 

While it’s not as flashy in many ways as for example Open, the Agassi autobiography this is still a book which is really worth reading.    


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